Interested in changing your weight?
Gonzalo Flores will speak on the secrets and science of weight loss through ionized water. Drink in more energy and change your metabolism.   

Wednesday 1/13/10 6:30-7:30pm

Delila Olsson will introduce the ionizer and she will test your home tap water (bring a small sample) at 6:30pm.  Learn about how ionized water is similar to mountain stream water in minerals, and alkalinity.

We will have our samples of the contents in our weight loss Control It kits available, too.   Please call or reply to this email to RSVP for yourself and friends. All who attend will receive a punch card for 5 "fill-ups" at our water bar.
gonzo chillGonzalo Flores, L.Ac., M.Ac.O.M, CI

Gonzo's current research focus is how acupuncture relieves pain. He has found high correlations between pain, inflammation, and feelings of sluggishness.  Assisting our unique metabolism is the key to reducing inflammation.  Tomorrow night, Gonzo will share his findings of how Ionized water corrects all 3 conditions we are working with:  pain, inflammation, and metabolism.

A body within normal body weight contains around 60% water, however an obese body contains 45% water.  Many participants who drink ionized water have more energy and have reported experiencing healthy weight loss with less effort.  Our 7 year old labrador has been drinking the water for 6 months and she is almost ready for a bikini!  Who has ever heard of an adult, domestic lab who is in shape?

Gonzo is excited to share his findings with you all.  We hope you can come to tomorrow night's talk and we hope you enjoy drinking your water!