GroundSpring Healing Center


Winter Schedule:

12/24 open 9am-12pm
12/25 closed 
12/31 open 9am-12pm
1/1 closed
1/8-1/11 Gonzo will be out of the office due to his Doctoral program.  Limited reception hours. Joanna will offer sessions from 8:30-2:00pm. 
1/19-1/25 Joanna will be out of the office at a Pharmanex convention studying tissue breakdown/repair.
Weight Loss with us!
Enjoy the holidays with more energy!  Stabilize your blood sugar, reduce your blood pressure, and give to yourself the gift of health and happiness.

j over g shoulderWe have adopted a "supplement light" program from Biotics called CONTROL-IT that has been tested throughout the US.  It is very easy, and very do-able, and allows for enjoyment in your meals and activities with long-term compliance. 

1. Pick up your kit.
2. Come in for acupuncture 1-3 times per week until your cravings are stabilized.  Acupuncture can be in our reduced cost CONTROL-IT group format, or as an individual session.

CONTROL-IT group sessions include: food testing, acupuncture, and Q and A sessions.  Please call ahead to confirm your space. 
Mondays: 9:30-11:30am
Wednesdays: 12-1:30pm
Thursdays: 4:30-6pm

Acupuncture groups begin January 4th. 

Group acupuncture 10 punch card:  $160
Drop-in group acupuncture $20
Private session acupuncture $70
Weight Loss Kit: $102-$310 depending on size and quantities.  $310 kit contains 2 months worth of Biotics brand fish oil, berry flavored shake, cd, adrenal support, and instructional pamphlet. 

New H1N1 Prevention Batch has arrived!

swine flu virusOur research based 3 part H1N1 prevention program (granule tea, gel caps, and tincture) has been very helpful for the whole family.  Please call ahead if you're coming so we can have it ready for you.

Immune Recommendations for your medicine cabinet:
1. fish oil and vitamin D.  Take daily and double your dose when you feel cold/flu onset.
2. Yin Qiao Jiu Du  Great to have on hand immediately when cold symptoms begin such as low energy, chills, sneezing, head congestion, and that fuzzy head feeling.
3. Shuang Huang Lian  This one is a must for preventing the flu as well as treating it if you feel sore throat, headache (flu induced), yellow/green sputum, fever, and flu-like muscle aches. 

If you are too sick to get to the clinic for a personalized formula, then 2nd best is to call in your symptoms.  We may have you look in the mirror to describe your tongue!

$16-20 Group Acupuncture Monday-Saturday

pedistone chairs
Group acupuncture treatments are now available throughout the clinic and throughout the day. Scalp, ear, feet, and hand points  are wonderful for pain relief, addictions, stress relief, headache prevention, pregnancy support, and blood pressure stabilization.  We can provide herbal and nutritional support as well.  Please call 503.244.1330 before coming to ensure availability.  Small groups are welcome. 

Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 7
Saturday, 10 am - 4pm with Virgil by appt. only

$160 punch card for 10 chair treatments
$20 per group treatment with Joanna, Shannon, Kimberly, and Virgil
$40 per group treatment with Gonzo
Our ionizer filters E coli!Althena2

SW Portland's water scare last month opened our eyes to what it means to the possibility of impurities present in municipal water supplies.  Luckily, our water ionizer, the Athena, features the patented Biostone filter, the only one on the market to filter down to .1 (standard) or .01 (the same level of filtration used in kidney dialysis) which effectively cleans up and filters out e-coli and other dangerous pathogens.  The ionizer makes the water alkaline and ionized for optimal pH balance, is microclustered for super antioxidant benefits, and is 6 times more hydrating than any other water. 

You can purchase water by the gallon at the clinic for $3.50 or you can purchase your own ionizer for your home.  We are pleased to share a $100 rebate for any ionizer purchased in 2009!

Test your water and learn more at our
Water Wednesday talks 6:30-7:30pm:
January 13th:  Weight Loss and blood sugar stabiliziation.
January 27th: Weight Loss and energy highs and lows.
Change for Life
Stations and samples to See the difference!
An evening of pampering and healing.  Offered monthly to reevaluate and measure your changes.  Bring a friend!

trellis and tree$30 per participant includes:
*15 minute foot reflexology diagnosis and treatment
*Cancer prevention skin carotenoid scan
*20 minute facial or cellulite treatment
*Herbal samples for 7 days of change
*ear seeds with specialized prescription

Evening appointments start at 6:30 pm. 
Small groups are welcome!

January 2,3 & 16
February 26 & 27
Insurance Billing from Dr Lu, and Shannon!  Both practitioners are on most insurance plans.  Call 503.244.1330 to schedule your appointment with them.

Lu Yan, D.A.OM., L.Ac.
Dr. Lu is available on Monday afternoons.  He did all of his training in China, and was Joanna's Tui Na instructor at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.  We are pleased he is expanding his private practice to SW Portland on Monday afternoons here at GroundSpring.  For more information, visit

Shannon Conrad L.Ac.
5 Element Acupuncture specialist
My apologies for misprinting Shannon's last name in the last newsletter.  She had a wonderful wedding celebration in August, to which I was swept away so much that I didn't pay attention to her retention of her maiden name, which is Conrad.

5 Element Acupuncture is ideal for syndromes that have one sided tendencies, or that have been with you for awhile without getting better.  Shannon will take an extensive history and she will find the root cause.  She will change your life! Shannon is on most insurance plans.  Shannon works Tues 3-7, Weds. 9-6, Thurs 8-11, Fri 8-11, and Sunday by request. For more information, visit
 Preventing Seasonal Blues

Our CSA farmshare this week included many yummies which will all get roasted, or seasoned with apples and curry and turned into a winter soup.  Mother Nature sure knows her stuff!  Yet, with all of this sweetness in our sweet potatoes, squashes, and root veggies, what else should we do to prevent seasonal affective disorder, SAD? 

1. Take Vitamin D-3 daily.  Our favorite Vitamin D comes in a sesame oil suspension.  Bio-D-Mulsion Forte provides 2000 IU of Vit D 3 in a single drop.  Adults with SADD can take 5 drops per day.  Children can have 1 drop every other day.  $20

2. Take Fish Oil.  We picked 3 brands which have the purest oil, no mercury or lead, and safe preservatives.  Biotics, Nordic Naturals, and Pharmanex's Marine Omega.

3. Exercise daily.  With darkness encroaching, it is difficult to see your footsteps, but get up and get out there!  Walk in groups for safety.  If joint pain prevents your movements, then try a deep water exercise class.  Your head stays out and your muscles can work the water without gravity weighing you down. 

4. Eliminate sugar, corn syrup, and processed grains.  The words, "sugar-coma" are quite appropriate.  Studies show test scores at schools are significantly lower the day after Halloween.  Post-sugar "gloom and doom" mimics depression and can last for 3-4 days for some people.  High fructose corn syrup was introduced into our diets just before 1970.  Think of when depression, anxiety, diabetes, ADHD, gastric reflux, hypertension and cancer incidences soared!

Whenever you have too many sugary goodies in your home, you can try the "Switch Witch" and make your own family tradition.  Our kids put their Halloween candy on the table to see what the "Switch Witch" would leave for them overnight.  Some families do $ or toys.  The "Switch Witch" can come to your home at anytime, even for leftover birthday cake!  Whatever your plan, just throw the candy away.
Flores family 2009 wrap-upSwine Flu Starts Now

What a wonderful year!  We are so blessed to work with such amazing practitioners such as Dr. Lu, Kim, Virgil, Meredith, Tabitha, and Shannon.  We are so lucky to have Lindsay, Kim, and Jack assisting with clinic needs.  Our children, Luci and Aidi have been welcomed into a loving school system at St. Clare. We have adopted a big sister from Spain to live with us for a school year.  In Gonzo's new doctoral program, he is getting very special attention with some of the top practitioners around the world to assist him with his research ambitions.  He is even getting published!  Thank you all for trusting us to meet your needs of wellness and growth.  We feel so blessed to include you all in our family. 

With heartfelt gratitude,
Joanna and Gonzalo Flores