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Happy December!  This newsletter is quite packed with information on Asian Bodywork, price changes, our Friends of GroundSpring party, gift certificate coupons, TGIF PediStone special, and insurance information. 

Holiday schedule: Joanna is unavailable for sessions during 12/23-1/12
12/24 9-1:00pm      
12/25  Closed    
12/31 9-1:00pm

1/5-1/12 Joanna and Gonzo will be presenting at the AOBTA convention.  The clinic will still be open for PediStone reflexology sessions and also for appointments with Collin, Paul, Angela, Terree, Rylen, and Meredith. 

Asian Bodywork Therapy

Asian Bodywork Therapy (ABT) is a term that defines many different styles of somatic therapies that originated in Asia using traditional Asian medical principles.  Asian Bodywork has many applications to soothe tight muscles and improve lymph and blood circulation, however it is not classified as massage since it does not involve disrobing, or the use of oils.  The education, clinical training, and use of traditional Chinese medical assessment and treatment are all additional skills a licensed massage therapist must attain before taking their exam to be a certified Asian Bodywork Therapist.   
All styles of Asian Bodywork have the goal of optimal meridian flow, but they differ in pressure, rhythm, joint mechanics, and depth.  Shiatsu is direct pressure on the channel working straight into the meridian and the tissue.  Tui Na and Amma also work the channel, but the rhythm and pressure involve varied movements such as rocking, stretching, or holding patterns. Most pediatric sessions involve Tui Na or Shiatsu instead of needles.
New Video
by Ed Henry

Check out our new video on our website!

This video was made by Ed Henry, who has impressed us immensely with his ingenuity!  Ed can be found at
Collin Stoll

Collin Stoll Acupuncture Visit: $70
Group and 30 minute Acupuncture Visits: $40

Children's acupuncture visit: $20
Collin StollHalf-hour visit includes Chinese medical diagnosis, Chinese pediatric massage, acupuncture, herbal prescription, dietary
and exercise advice and referral. Available to infants through 10-year-olds.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Visit: $165 or $1900 for 12 visit package.  One and a half hour appointment includes: 45-60 minute facial massage/acupuncture treatment, aromatherapy, and as needed herbal prescription.
Rylen Feeney, LMT
14733, Dipl. ABT- (NCCAOM) CI-(AOBTA)

Rylen Feeney, LMTWe are very excited to introduce Rylen Feeney to Oregon and to our clinic. We are delighted to have her 20 years of experience, training, and contribution to Asian Bodywork and nutrition. Rylen founded Wellspring, an Asian Bodywork School in Idaho.  Rylen's Amma sessions are an extensive, dynamic and comprehensive form of wholistic healthcare which includes Traditional Chinese Medicine, 5 Element Chinese Theory, Asian bodywork, nutrition, Chinese & Western herbs and supplements,  meditation and qigong.  Rylen will guide each client to reach their highest potential and embrace a lifestyle that is congruent with their beliefs.

Rylen will provide Nutritional and Amma therapy at GroundSpring on Tuesday mornings, and Thursday afternoons. GroundSpring's front desk will schedule her appointments at 503.244.1330.

Each practitioner at GroundSpring owns their own business which accounts for price and insurance coverage differences.

Angela Read, L.Ac. and Collin Stoll, L.Ac., are both on Blue Cross Blue Shield's provider lists.  Collin is on additional lists as well.  All practitioners can provide a detailed receipt for you to submit to your insurance for your own reimbursement. 

Gonzalo and Joanna Flores are not on insurance provider lists because we accept a sliding scale.
Friends of Groundspring PARTY
Salsa Dance and Karaoke!

Salsa and karaoke With Us! We know how everyone has been working this past year with their bodies, their economies of heart and mind as well as their time and effort they give to their loved ones in daily life.  We want to extend our gratitude to our "friends of GroundSpring" by extending this invitation: a night of dance and song to you.  We hope you can make it!

Where: Renaissance Ballroom Dance Studios
610 McLoughlin Blvd, Oregon City
Driving Directions

When: Friday, January 16, 6 pm

Features: Yeates Academy Irish Dancers, DJ with Chris Small and YES...a Karaoke machine!
TGIF! Thank Goodness it's Friday!
$5 off PediStone treatments for you and a friend

Lee SamatowicAngelaCongratulations to our Friday Pedistone team of Tabitha and Angela who each got married this summer and have officially changed their last names. Tabitha Marsh, MA, LMT 5104 and Angela Read, L.Ac. are offering a Friday TGIF special where you and your friend each get $5 off your PediStone treatments just for coming together.  TGIF is also extended to 2 more Mondays since Tabitha has her winter break from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.  She will be available for additional PediStone treatments alongside Angela on Mondays 12/15 and 12/22.
$5 off Gift Certificates bought in 2008!

Special applies to:
* all acupuncturists including: Gonzo, Joanna, Collin, Paul, and Angela.
* massages with Paul or Tabitha
* PediStone sessions
Discounted gift certificates are not redeemable with TGIF discounts.  Gift certificates expire one year after purchase.
2009 Price Changes. 2008 Priced Packages

After 3 years, Gonzo and Joanna have to raise our acupuncture price to $70 starting 1/2/09. We will honor our $65 acupuncture rate through pre-bought packages shown below.  Sliding scale applications are available.

Joanna and Gonzo offer bulk discount packages to eliminate waiting at the counter to pay each time and you get to book your sessions in advance.  As always, we will provide a detailed receipt for taxes or insurance purposes.  On your package, you can include other people such as employees or family members. Your acupuncture package may also interchange between Gonzo and Joanna's acupuncture as well as PediStone treatments.  Herbs are sold separately.

PediStone: 5 prepaid sessions for $300.  Sessions are transferable!  Share health and rejuvenation!

Prepaid acupuncture packages with Joanna or Gonzo are available for purchase through 12/31/08.
5 pack:  $325 expires 6/30/09
10 pack: $600 expires 12/31/09
20 pack: $1180 expires 12/31/10
Lee SamatowicThank you so much for your interest and attention. If you have any topics you would like us to elaborate on in future newsletters, please reply to this email with your special request.

In health,
Joanna and Gonzalo Flores