pedistone Classical Chinese Reflexology. Heal your body through your feet.
Free of harmful ingredients HABA products actually contain nutrient enhancing shark liver oil and plant based products.

Cobblestone Walking Mats
We are pleased to offer indoor therapy in these portable mats you can walk on at home for just $40! Learn how you can lower your blood pressure with these mats.

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Medical Qigong with Gonzo

Only 2 more 2008 classes!
November 12th
December 10th
Please call to reserve your space.  503.244.1330
Jade Body Qigong
with Joanna

Learn a 30 minute standing qigong sequence you can do at home.  Jade Body adds mobility and stability to shoulders, neck, and the entire spine.  Other bonuses include sounder sleep, enhanced breathing capacity, improved immunity, and smoother emotions.

 Select Fridays  9-10 am
11/14, 11/21, 12/5, 12/12
5 participant minimum
Qigong punch card or $15 per class.  Please call ahead to register.  Advance payment secures your spot. 
at GroundSpring

Terree Rodakowski is an amazing Pilates instructor.  Throughout 2008, Terree provides one-on-one instruction Thursday mornings and Fridays until 2:30.  In 2009, she will only be available on Thursday mornings.  Catch her while you can!  In January, Terree will only be available Thursdays at the clinic.  
Happy Autumn!  Our Japanese Stewartia in the reflexology path wins my vote for the most spectacular fall foliage!  Thank you Amy Whitworth and Roger Miller for that beautiful tree!  Our new reflexology path trellis is up!  Rory Leonard of Springbox gallery in NW Portland created the first part of an undersea adventure. 

PediStone update:  All bodywork practitioners are either certified Asian Body Therapists or Licensed Acupuncturists.   Saturday sessions are available!.   

Halloween candy is upon us, which means Pumpkin pie and Christmas candy is just around the corner.  I've created an "Energetics of Weight Loss" class to give support now instead of waiting 'till 1/1/09.   We also have to raise our acupuncture prices on 1/1, so we're offering packages to keep 2008 discounts for another year.  Scroll down for more information.

January 16th, 2009 Patient Appreciation Party!
  Get your 2009 calendar so you can mark 6:30pm 1/16 for a full evening of Ballroom dance, Yeates Academy Irish Dance performance, Karaoke, and fun for the whole family.  If your catering company would like to enter your gluten or dairy-free appetizers into our taster's choice contest, please reply to this email.  We'll all get to vote! 
Joanna FloresExplore your "set point" and how you can change it with this 6 series combination acupuncture and energy awareness.  Receive auricular acupuncture (ear points), while Joanna guides you through visualizations to explore and change your size, eating habits, and energy levels.  Dates coincide with holidays to prevent sugar indulgence and to keep the spirit of the holidays joyous, instead of exhuasting. Christmas Eve is included as the last class to help set your energy for peaceful and meaningful interactions with family, friends, and food.

$360 for all 6 sessions.  Advance payment holds your space.  12 participant maximum. Drop-in rate is: $75, however please call ahead to ensure space availability.  To register, please call 503-244-1330.

Wednesdays 10-11:30am.  11/19, 11/26, 12/3, 12/10, 12/17, 12/24.  
2008 priced PACKAGES! 

Gonzo and Joanna have to raise our acupuncture price to $70 starting 1/2/08.  We will honor our $65 acupuncture rate throughout 2008.  Sliding scale applications are available.
Buying a discount package eliminates the need to pay each time and you get to book your sessions ahead.  As always, we will provide a detailed receipt for taxes or insurance purposes.  On your package, you can include other people such as employees or family members.  Herbs are sold separately. 

PediStone: 5 prepaid sessions for $300.  Sessions are transferable!  Share health and rejuvenation!

Prepaid acupuncture packages with Joanna or Gonzo are available for purchase through 12/31/08.:
5 pack:  $325 expires 6/30/09
10 pack: $600 expires 12/31/09
20 pack: $1180 expires 12/31/10
Lee Samatowic, ND
Lee SamatowicWilsonville scores!  Dr. Samatowic has moved her office to:
NW Wellness Center
8600 SW Salish Lane
Wilsonville, OR 97070
(503) 682-3811

Dr. Samatowic will be running her Body Chemistry Diagnosis tests from her Wilsonville office. 

Ken Reader's last day to sell Yonka at GroundSpring is Saturday 11/1.  He will open his business Monday 11/3 at Elixia, which is next to the Sellwood New Seasons. 

Good luck to you both!

Thank you so much for your interest and attention. If you have any topics you would like us to elaborate on in future newsletters, please reply to this email with your special request.

In health,
Joanna and Gonzalo Flores