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Free of harmful ingredients  HABA products actually contain nutrient enhancing shark liver oil and plant based products.

New Sunscreen! HABA's limited edition  make-up base has 25 spf which lasts for 8.5 hours. 
Happy Spring!  Despite the cold, the plants are still ascending upwards in their dramatic appearances.  Spring is the time of the Wood element, which represents the Liver and GallBladder organs. Just as plants surge upwards in the Spring, we have our own bursts which are seen as allergies, mood swings and blood pressure.  Let us help you transition into Spring's exuberance gently.  
Sniffles, Sneezes, Runny Nose - Oh my!
Gonzo's pearls
Lee Samatowic

Lions, Tigers and Bears! Allergy season is here!

Spring brings out the best in us including our allergies. Most allergens include grass, pollen, ragweed and other environmental stimuli.  Even if you are not in the "allergy suffering" category, because you live in Oregon's damp and wet climate your body still has to transform dampness which lowers your immunity to the common cold.   Read on for Gonzo's over the counter herbal options to prevent and treat the common cold as well as allergies. 

Dr. Dan Engle
Bon Voyage!  Good luck!
Lee SamatowicAs spring ushers in new beginnings so does a change come to my affiliation with Portland, OR.
I have just finished wrapping up my clinical practice here at GroundSpring and am journeying south to take the role as holistic psychiatrist at a rejuvenation center in Arizona.  I wish everyone the 'warmest' experiences of health and happiness as we all slowly shed the layers of winter.
Walk Your Path to Health
Installed and ready!
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It's in!  Chris Randles, of Emerald Stone Masonry installed the "high sensory stimulation walk" with the our infamous designer and landscape architect Amy  Whitworth of Plan-it-Earth Design.  138 plants were delivered by Roger Miller of Homescaper LLCVladimir Sumchenko designed and made the waterwheel by the front door and the dragonfly fountain by the reflexology path.  Overseeing the whole project is Randy Russell, of RJR Construction, P.C.  You are always welcome on the path before or after your appointment. Slip off your shoes and have a go at it!  If your feet are tender, I recommend you stick to the easier path in back. You are welcome to w
ear slippers or moccasins to lighten the pressure points and to stay warm. Increase your lengh of time by 3-4 minutes each visit so you can work your way up to 20 minutes!
Your Acupuncturist around town!
Metro Parent magazine's Portland May edition
Joanna and Aidi Metro Parent
Has  Campbell Salgado studios captured your loved ones lately?

This photo of Joanna and Aidianon is from August 07, in Campbell Salgado's outdoor studio.

Kim and Francisco are still running their special through Mother's Day for $99 sessions.  We also have session discount cards at the front desk.  You can see more of their work in our hallway and in Gonzo's office.  Enjoy!

Footchi Mat
Foot Chi Mats  
Portable, lightweight, therapy at home!  Your foot chi mat comes with a reflexology chart, replacement snap-together pieces shaped like rocks, and your own carrycase.  To honor our opening of our reflexology path, we're offering a 20% discount through June 30th, 2008. 

Our Price: $40.00
List Price: $50.00
S & H:$10.00 optional

Joanna and Gonzalo Flores, owners
GroundSpring Healing Center, P.C.
Save 25% Honso's gelcap Yin Qiao Jie Du is available for $12.00.  Regular price $16.00.  Honso gelcaps last 2 years after the date on the bottle.  Yin Qiao is most effective when taken immediately upon first symptoms of a cold.  Yin Qiao is also remarkedly effective when treating chicken pox and the initial onet of shingles. 
Offer Expires: June 30th 2008