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"True happiness is the process of fearlessly becoming yourself."
-Brian Germain

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in a New Economy
By Brian S. Germain

The key to success in the new world economy will be bravery, plain and simple. Greener, bolder and wiser: this is what we crave most in the companies that we all want to support. This is the economy of the future, and it is going to take some really serious chutzpah to lead such a company.  

Businesses that take steps toward benevolent action for all exude an authenticity that people want to be a part of. Companies striving for the benefit of customers, employees as well as the interests of the ecosystem are the ones that will show up most in the new economy. This is because humanity is getting smarter, it's that simple. We have access to more information than all the previous generations combined, and this has led us to a feeling of "information overload", but also to a clarified perspective on what it is that we want. Consequently, the only options that will shine in such a barrage of data will be the genuine article: authentic inspiration, and deeper meaning.

Such brave choices will require a different mindset than the old "make money at all cost" way of doing business. It will be the genuine, holistically-oriented organization that will rise to the top, despite the obvious financial advantages of cutting corners and stepping on toes. It is always brave to do what is right. This is called Corporate Heroism, and it shines like a light in the dark, in the context of shallower ideals.

When a company works toward the greater good for all, the people who comprise that organization feel connected to it. They believe in the ideals for which the company stands, and they work above and beyond the call of duty as a result. They are inspired by what they are doing. Taking the brave course is the only one that works, since inspiration is the only true source of infinite motivation.

In order to make these kinds of brave choices in business, we must decide to remove fear as a factor in our decision-making processes. Yes, there are risks to taking the high road. Yes, sometimes the way that is best for all is not the most profitable, at least not in the short term. But knowing the clarity of understanding of the customers of the future, we simply have no other choice. Corporate leadership that acts with their hearts will win out in the end, simply because there is no other way ahead for us as a species. Either we go the way that is best for all, or we go away entirely. We know this, as do our customers. We must reach for the highest and bravest ideals, and make our business decisions with cool heads and warm hearts.

In the new economy, the greenest, most humane companies will thrive, leaving the recession days long behind, along with their empty principles and low-ball assumptions about the public's intelligence. The customers of the future are smart, worldly and they actually care what happens to the planet and the people on the other side of it. If you fearlessly strive to impress the best of them, you will find yourself on a collision course with abundance. Green, after all, is the color of money.



 "If you are afraid to be yourself, you can't sell anybody anything, because you are nobody."
--Brian Stuart Germain

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