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Issue #045

"True happiness is the process of fearlessly becoming yourself."
-Brian Germain

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Let Your Joshua HippieFreak Flag Fly

by Brian Germain


We are all mere shadows of who we are becoming. With each act of fearlessness, we are expanding, and in doing so we are becoming more whole. When we do not take the scary path that leads to our expansion, we experience the worst that life has to offer: unhappiness, sickness and poverty of experience. We deprive ourselves of forging ahead into directions that our inner beings crave for growth. There is but one choice in this expansion-based universe. We must continue on the path of becoming ourselves.

          Who are you when you are not worried about what others think? Do you sing in the shower? Are you silly in front of your children? Do you speak your mind at home, but then hold your best ideas back from your employer? It is time to merge these two beings, and start being yourself through and through. It is time to dare to be you.Brian and Joshua in Shark

          When we become overly concerned with the opinions of others, when we dwell on the possible negative consequences to being who we really are in every circumstance, we deny ourselves our essential life force. Your inspired nature requires you to live in the moment, and further, it requires that you have a good time doing it. The fear of expressing positive emotion is the one consequence of trepidation that cuts the deepest into our souls. When you are happy, you owe it to yourself and to everyone around you to shine your light.

          Emotional buoyancy is something that is best created as a social environment. It is true that we are all capable of remaining in a positive state of mind regardless of what others are doing around us. That is the gift of independent thought. Things go far easier, however, when we all do our part. If you are seeing the bright side of things, talk about it. Elaborate on it. Shout it out to the horizons. You've got to let your freak flag fly.

          If you are feeling down, it is time to be silent. It is time to sit down, because action in a bad state of mind can only lead in one direction, down. Better to beat it to the punch and plant your butt on a rock and let your thoughts go until you can appreciate the beauty of your time and place. This is also your gift. You can demonstrate silence when it is appropriate, just as you can teach joy when that is what you have to offer. Mostly, you have to Let go of your concern for the disapproval of those around you and look inward for your guidance. You know what to do when you listen to your emotions.

          Your bravery is necessary. We need you to expand. Humanity has become stifled in our expression of our true feelings, and so we have become cut off from our inner clarity that comes as a result of being in touch with our innermost feelings. When you know what you want, you have to go for it. When you want to dance and sing, when you want to run and play, you have to let yourself flow. Your life is only limited by your choices, and your response to the outside perspective. That view will always be in the room. It is part of living in a society. That does not mean, however, that we need to make our choices based on the avoidance of showing our true nature. We can live boldly, and go where no grownup has gone before. If we are to get back into the garden of our original happiness, we must be as little children; creative, playful and fearless.

          Your inner child requires expression. You must let go of what you think it means to be an adult and just be you. If that means singing a bit too loudly and slightly off-key, so be it. You will be tapping into the energy that re-creates you in your own image. In doing so, you will remember your essential essence, and you will be doing yourself, and your world, a great service. Want to save the world? Be yourself. Who else can you be?


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