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The Ever-Expanding Youexpand 3

 By Brian Germain


 We are all in a constant state of flux, as life causes us to expand to fit the needs of our present reality. We are growing into clearer expressions of our true nature, and our experiences are shaping that unfolding every step of the way. The rate at which we expand is based on our level of fear. The more we allow fear to drive our thoughts and actions, the slower we expand into our highest selves, and beyond.

          Fear limits expansion because it is, in its very essence, contraction. We do not want to encounter novelty when we are in a state of fear, because new means different challenges requiring different solutions. If we fall short of a mark that matters, our fear worries, we may lose more than we are prepared to lose. Fear lives in the poverty mentality, the feeling that what we have is all we are going to get, so we had better hold on to it.  For this reason, fear does not allow us to take risks of money, heart, or other life challenges that may lead us to profound benefit. Fear drives us to remain with the status quo, whatever it is.

          The true nature of a healthy, happy human being is one of joyous expansion into the unknown. We love the feeling of being on a roll, on the edge of control, allowing our happiness to be our guide. Richard Bach once called us the "Otters of the Universe"; playful beings who desire to celebrate each and every moment. This is who we really are. When fear takes over, the playing stops, and we begin to be someone that does not reflect this true nature.

          If you do not feel good, you are not expressing your true nature. If you are worried about what others think about you more than you are focusing on what you personally enjoy and want to pursue, you are cutting yourself off from your inner power. Your uncensored joy is your real muscle in this world. Fear and its objects are just a distraction from this flow of mind and body that leads you to who you really are.

          Yes, there are negative consequences to failure. Yes, there are bad things that can happen. Fear is the natural first response you feel when you look at these possibilities, but that is merely your true self telling you that you are focused in a direction that you do not want to go. If you continue to focus in that direction, you will feel worse and worse, and you will lose your power to create change for the better. If you focus long enough and hard enough, you will be drawn to the eventual unfolding of this negative possibility. Yes, you are that powerful.

          You are also powerful enough to focus your thoughts, emotions and actions in the direction of your choosing. You can select your heading based on what would bring you to the highest level of positive emotion. This is not hedonism, it is wisdom in action. Your higher self knows that joy is the indicator that you are on the right track. You will discover that when you are doing something that brings out positive emotion, you are most powerful, and your actions, upon later reflection, were the right ones. Your emotions are always there to guide you toward expansion. There is no expansion in the wrong direction, there is only expansion. There are decisions to make all along the way, and all you need to do is keep choosing based on your gut-felling. If it feels good, do it. If it feels bad, don't do it. Either way, you are expanding your clarity of who you really are by recognizing what you prefer.

          Fear will never go away, because it is far too important as an early warning of danger. We must simply learn to notice it, recognize where it is coming from and why we are feeling it, and then focus on solutions, and the joyous road that leads us to what we love. The feeling of surrendering fear and going with the flow of joy and love is the best of all our experiences. Being without fear would deprive us of that feeling of relief. Living on the mountaintop is not as pleasurable as traveling from the valley to the summit and experiencing the contrast.

          Do not hate your fear. It is your navigational signal, a messenger that helps you point your journey toward love, joy and the expansion of who you truly are by clarifying what you do not want. Love the messenger, and focus on flowing with the wisdom of the message. Turn in the direction of the solutions and never look back toward the messenger.

          You are unlimited when you choose love and joy as your target emotions.  Appreciate the value of your fear, heed its warning, and let it go. Your true self has nothing to do with that feeling. All negative emotion is simply a temporary contraction that was guiding you away from your current heading. Your true nature is the direct opposite of who you are being when you are steeped in negative emotion. You are, in essence, a collection of your most positive attributes and emotions. Focus on that, and you will expand that. You will merge into the "real you", and by focusing on the things that bring you to positive emotion, you will expand the current best version of you into something even better. There is no limit to how good it can get when joy is in the driver's seat.






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