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Issue #37

"Being afraid to stop doing what you do not love, in order to do what you do love, this is the ultimate price of fear. It is simply too expensive."

-Brian Germain
Transcending Fear Magazine
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You Rock
Because You Are Not Dead
by Brian Germain

We have all survived up until this moment. We have triumphed despite painful and terrifying situations that challenged us to our core. We have stepped through these  boundaries, both perceived and real, and lived to tell the tale. We rock.

Nobody escapes challenge and trepidation entirely. Even those who choose to avoid danger and emotional risk find it anyway. There will always be those flaming hoops to jump through, things that, if we think about them too much will really bring us down. In fact, if we think too much about the negative possibilities too much, we will eventually bring about exactly what we are hoping to avoid. We have all learned this truth on our own. We each rock in very specific ways, in the many different stories told about our lives. We have lived many lives, and played many parts.

So props to you, fellow survivor. You may have further aspirations to be even happier and more successful in every aspect of your life, but the bottom line is, you have been doing very well in your own way.

When the situation gets hairy, and it will, you need to remember who you are. You must remember your supreme awesomeness as a surviving member of the still living-breathing humans currently walking the planet. We are the brave ones. We are on center stage in the Universe's big arena. Our choices matter, but as long as well keep choosing, everything will continue to go just fine. The simple rule is, if you don't like something, change your attitude, or change the circumstances. I suggest changing your attitude either way. Things tend to go better.

As you think back on your life, all of the places you have been, all the good times and bad times that you have had, can't you see that it is all good from a certain perspective? If something was challenging in a painful way, simply don't do that again. In fact, do the exact opposite of that, and you will mostly likely be in the black. You already know what your perfect life would be like. All your experiences helped you to learn your preferences. Your perfect life is there for the taking, the big question is, are you taking steps so that you can live it? Do you cultivate the heroism to believe that it is even possible?

Start by writing things down. When you have a great time, write about it. Talk about it. Figure out what it was about this experience that was so good for you. Once you know that, you can keep your radar pointed in the direction of sniffing out more experiences that feel like that. What you like is what you like, and the more you think about it, the more you will get to live in the best possible scenario for you.

What do you love about your life? You need to do that stuff more. Much more. For those of you are skydivers: you need to jump. Not only is this who you are, but the consequences of not jumping at least once in a while are profound. Even when the weather keeps us on the ground, we must think and talk about skydiving. We must watch videos and plan interesting jumps that we aren't sure are possible but are willing to try. We must BE skydivers all of the time, because we ARE skydivers. Otherwise, the suffering caused by knowing what you love and not living it will tear you apart. You will not be accessing your core, authentic inspiration that makes you tick.

How to we break our connection with inner happiness? We stop doing and thinking about these things. This is how we hollow out our souls and lose our connection to pure energy. We have been looking for free energy to run our cars on, but how often do we consider where our inner energy comes from? The source of all human energy is the heart. If you live by your heart, and do what you love, you will have all the energy you need to get up in the morning. You are tapped into the secret of life. 

The Secret to Life:

Dig it.

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