Transcending Fear Organization Newsletter 16/Sept/2009
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"To help humanity extricate ourselves from the fear-based mentality to one of compassionate motivation, open-minded wisdom and interpersonal harmony."
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Joy versus Fear
 by Brian Germain


In all of life's exploits, we are confronted with two avenues of experience: follow the thoughts and actions suggested by our fear, or learn what the fear is cautioning us about and then move on to enjoying the process. If we love what we are doing, there is no room for fear. If, on the other hand, we are fixated on the negative possibilities, our fear drives our minds toward the elaboration of those possibilities that we do not want to see happen, and we fuel the negativity. The choice about which reality we live in is entirely up to us. All we need to do is choose which side of the equation we give our attention to.
            Many will say: "That is denial. If I do not pay attention to the risks, I am bound to live out the worst case scenario." This belief system is what has led humanity to spend far too much time dwelling on the negative perspective, mulling over the past in an effort to prevent it from happening again, and telling the story about how it is, and further magnifying that reality. In truth, our minds eye is much more than the observer of reality, it guides us toward whatever it is focused upon. If we spend most of our time worrying about something, the fear-based thinking is drawing us toward those negative possibilities.
            If, however, we notice the aspect of our reality that we want to avoid, and recognize what it is about that set of possibilities that we do not like, we can then deliberately draw our attention to the opposite of this scenario. Then we find that what we do desire for ourselves begins to become clearer. It is only then that we find the way to make that happen. We simply cannot simultaneously worry about the things we do not want and plan for an alternative future. Who we are being right now has everything to do with what we are focused upon, constructive or destructive, because it is our vision that is paving the way to our future.
            Something that most of us have come to realize is that when we are happiest, we find our lives gliding effortlessly toward more happiness. Things magically show up in our experience that are just what we like, and the things that we do not like are nowhere to be found. This is because our feeling creates much more than our subjective interpretation of our reality; there is a quantum effect to the events around us. It is therefore our responsibility, if we are to live a wonderful life, to select the direction of our minds, and choose the path of joy instead of the constricting tunnel of fear.
            When you feel wonderful, and you reconnect to a feeling of appreciation for whatever is going on in your life, you are in the zone of power. You are, in fact, far more powerful in creating what you want than when you are in your unhappy reality. When you are in the flow state of life, gliding along from one joyous experience to the next, you are being your true self. This is why it feels so good to be in this zone of consciousness. Fear is not who you are, and neither is anger. You are the expression of your most beautiful dreams and visions for the future, the creator of your own personal reality based on the life experiences that have led you to know your truest ideals. Your inner essence, the you that is embodied in your knowing what you like and dislike, is only accessed through the feeling of joy.
           The nature of you is happiness. The nature of you is love. The nature of you is passion for life. If you feel anything other than that, you are merely playing a part that was not written for you. If you are to reconnect with your true self, you need to let go of the struggle and begin at the ending. You want what you want because you believe it will make you happy. By going straight to happiness, you will find that the life that you want will come to you far faster than the old "hard work' and "struggle against what is" method. It is only through connecting with the inner self, our place of true joy, that we are able to make our dreams come true.

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Brian Germain
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