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Swine Flu Panic
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We all know that fear is our ultimate enemy. By taking on the challenge of living a life unhindered by fear, we expand as human beings. We expand into the life that we were meant to live.

Becoming skilled in the process of de-escalation is the beginning. By learning how to calm ourselves down and then reacquire our connection to a better feeling, we can break through the barriers of thought that once held us back. In doing so, we reclaim our rightful place among the heroes of legend, and forge ahead into the limitless possibilities furnished by our creative, joyful inner being.

                -Brian Germain
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Brian Germain continues to speak on the topic of transcending fear every chance he gets. In this talk, Brian delves deeper into the WHY and the HOW of transcending fear. When we consider the topic in its entirety, there is nothing more important than our journey from fear into the love of life.

In fact, this is why we are here.

Swine Flu Panic

We have been here before. In an effort to prevent the spreading of a new disease, our media organizations have inadvertently spread fear. Striving to make things better, we have once again focused too hard on the problem, and neglected to illuminate the real solution.

As with any illness, there is risk, but the risk is never as high as one would conclude as a result of the picture painted by the media in order to fill their programs with something that the people want to hear about due to the addiction to negative emotion.

Most of the world is healthy. Most of the world is happy. But if we were to believe that the proportion of news dedicated to negative stories is balanced with the amount of information covering positive stories, we would think that the sky is falling. The problem is, Chicken Little buys newspapers. He watches the news, and buys the products that are sold during the commercial breaks. This is not a healthy cycle.

The fact is, the swine flu, terrorism, war, famine and economic recession are but a drop in the bucket of what is actually happening out there. We all know this through our direct experience of the world. The planet continues to spin around perfectly, and people get up in the morning and look up at the sky and smile. Children play and kittens purr. The bad news is just a small hiccup in a hugely successful universe.

We must remember that our personal lives are skewed by our focus of attention. When we focus on the negative stuff we feel terrible, and that feeling leads us to look for more things that feel terrible. When we look in this way, we find what we are looking for. In fact, we create it. If, on the other hand, we choose to look for the good in the world; in our personal experience and in the world at large, we will find massive quantities of evidence that this is in fact a very happy, healthy planet.

Am I saying that you shouldn't wash your hands? No, that would be ignorance. Wash your hands, but do it in the way that you observe the inflation of your tires before driving your car, or the way you check your parachute before jumping out of an airplane. Once the act is complete, let it go and return to your fearless, joyful pursuit of life. You have done your job in being prudent, and now you must focus your attention on the task at hand: Being Well. Health is much more than the avoidance of sickness, it is the expansion of the wonderfully novel experience called your personal life.

Live it fully, and leave the fear behind.

-Brian Germain
 May 20, 2009
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Transcending Fear is an educational organization devoted to teaching the truth about fear, and the most potent methods for coping with acute stress and negative thought-patterns. We offer books, articles, radio and TV interviews, videos and inspirational talks all with the goal of helping people turn their fear into power. In the context of economic crisis, war and climate change, fear management is the most important topic of our time.

In his worldwide speaking tour, Transcending Fear Specialist and Keynote Speaker Brian Germain skillfully relates the topic of transcending fear to every aspect of life, from business success to holistic health and wellness, making his inspiring and motivational presentation a perfect fit for nearly any event. From large corporate conferences to small company lunches, from radio and TV interviews to his inspiring videos, Brian's charismatic and entertaining discussion of this profound and meaningful topic consistently upholds our organization's mission statement:

"To help people extricate themselves from the fear-based mentality to one of compassionate motivation, open-minded wisdom and interpersonal harmony."

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