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Welcome to the Transcending Fear Newsletter!
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Here is the abbreviated

Owner's Manual for the Mind:


If you do not like the thoughts

 that are in your head,
they will remain,
until you change your mind.
Change them
before they change you.

saving the world, one thought at a time...
If you thought that greenlighting your life meant finding a formula to get rich quick-sorry, it doesn't always work that way. Some of you are ready to get rich; some of you are not. Some will use your powers of manifestation to acquire money, but due to lessons that you need to learn, you will lose that wealth. Some of you will become incredibly powerful creators, but will choose to focus your influence on matters of compassion and generosity instead.

How this plays out is a matter of your long-term journey. It may not turn out as what you now envision as success, but it is still going to be a perfect way for you to reach your own enlightenment. The human spirit has the ability to find a way to let light shine in no matter how painful the circumstances. Many of us have found, in fact, that adversity actually brings out the part of us that we were always hoping was there.

When Hurricane Katrina hit, everyone was affected. Whether we were in the floods or watching it on TV, we all knew what was happening. We were all in it together. One man watched his TV in Texas and saw an animal hospital with hungry animals that weren't being fed. He owned a helicopter. He went out, bought pet food, got in his helicopter, and flew the food to the hospital that he had seen on TV.

Becoming a great person is not a matter of money. It is true that financial power gives us the ability to create certain kinds of changes in the world. For those of you who are ready to take on the responsibility of wealth, do it in style. Do it with grace. Do it with meaning. If you use your wealth to become just another consumer, filling your coffers with useless crap and meaningless experiences, it will not make you a better person. It will take you further from the person that you ultimately wanted to be.

The actions that make us proud to walk our own path define us and show us our fundamental nature. Unfortunately, we do not always breach our fear and lethargy in order to act in such a manner, but we know we want to. We just chicken out. This is why the world is in such a state of need.
It doesn't matter how you are helping others; what matters is that you are helping. This is how real energy is collected. Even if you do not make money from the benevolent choices you make, you will get what you need. The cook is always fed.
all we ever really need
is to believe in what we are doing
and appreciate what we have.
That is real success.
No amount of money can buy that.

The previous is an excerpt from Brian Germain's Book
Greenlight Your Life
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