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TV Interview with Brian Germain
From Red to Yellow

If you take a moment to slow down and take a deep breath right now, you will be glad you did.

This message brought to you by your prefrontal cortex.

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Welcome to the Transcending Fear newsletter! The purpose of this periodical email is to spread the antidote to fear throughout the world. What is the antidote to fear? Read on...
TV Interview with Brian Germain

In between his many lectures at the PIA Symposium, Brian Germain did a fascinating interview with the staff of VASST. Brian discusses the reasons for his interest in transcending fear and why it is so important for the entire world to take a closer look at our relationship to this powerful emotion if we are to bring about its opposite.

From Red to Yellow

There are times in our lives when we feel so lost and stuck that we have trouble changing the red light all the way to green. Life can present powerful, overwhelming challenges. Sometimes the only way out of these situations is to reach for something above where you are, even if it is just a tiny bit better than what you are experiencing.

In the absence of clear reasons for hope, sometimes the only thing that can pull us out is our skill of opening our minds to the positive direction; what I call the "General Direction of Up". One of the most powerful life-tools for regaining this perspective is something taught to me by a very wise friend named Abraham. It goes like this:

"It's getting better,
it's getting better,
and it's going to be alright."

When there is no hope left in you, repeating mantras like this can be of huge assistance.

When you consider the possibility that everything is going to be OK, things begin to look different. You have introduced a new direction to your experience, born not of the present situation, but from something that you carry inside you. No matter what is going on, there is always that idea waiting.

Amazingly, when you allow yourself to consider that everything will be just fine, it begins to become true for you. It may not happen all at once because we are still wading in the slow quagmire of time, but if you are patient, and you keep repeating the idea in your head that all is well, you begin to see evidence of it.

In a way, deliberately changing one's perspective to a more positive one simply purchases us the power to be patient and wait for things to get better. On the other hand, there is a profound effect to a positive frame of mind that can never be completely explained because it is, in essence, faith.

Where an individual derives their faith from is very personal. You have your own body of experience and wisdom, and you come from a specific lineage of culture in which your personal wisdom makes sense. All you need to do is trust it and you will find that, despite appearances, there is always something better than what you are seeing right now. If you look with the eyes of your higher self, you will see that all is in fact, very, very well.
excerpt from Green Light Your Life: awakening your higher self
by Brian Germain
copyright 2009

Thank you so much for joining the Transcending Fear Movement. We are all on a journey beyond fear to its opposite, which is love. That, of course, is the antidote to fear.

When we remember to surrender to love, compassion and joy, there is nothing to fear.  

Thank you for your smiles, they brighten the world in ways you will never know.

Brian Germain
Transcending Fear