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Brian Germain is available for Personal Coaching Sessions via the telephone. You will never relate to fear the same way again! Sessions are 50 minutes in length, and are available for a reduced cost of $95 until April 15st!

Time slots are limited, so email here us to get on the schedule:
Are you driven by FEAR or by INSPIRATION?
Transcending Fear is an educational organization devoted to teaching the truth about fear, and the most potent methods for coping with acute stress and negative thought-patterns. We offer books, articles, radio and TV interviews, videos and inspirational talks all with the goal of helping people turn their fear into power. In the context of economic crisis, war and climate change, fear management is the most important topic of our time.

In his worldwide speaking tour, Fear Specialist and Keynote Speaker Brian Germain skillfully relates the topic of transcending fear to every aspect of life, from business success to holistic health and wellness, making his inspiring and motivational presentation a perfect fit for nearly any event. From large corporate conferences to small company lunches, from radio and TV interviews to his inspiring videos, Brian's charismatic and entertaining discussion of this profound and meaningful topic consistently upholds our organization's mission statement:

"To help people extricate themselves from the fear-based mentality to one of compassionate motivation, open-minded wisdom and interpersonal harmony."
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Transcending Fear Workshops!
with Brian Germain

briWhat is holding your company back from optimal performance?

If you think about it, fear is most often the common denominator.

Fear of success
Fear of failure
Fear of being put down for offering a new idea
Fear of change
Fear that the market is frozen
Fear that there is nothing we can do to make things better
Fear of communicating with superiors
Fear of public speaking
Fear of cold-calling
                               ...shall we go on?

Bring a new perspective to your company or organization with a Transcending Fear Workshop with Brian Germain!

Brian is may be available on short notice, so contact us before assuming that the date is already taken!
1 Hour: $1500
2 Hour: $2500
Full Day/Multiple groups: $3500

*Brian may waive his fee for certain organizations! 

Email us for details:

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