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Dec 30, 2008
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New Smash-Hit!
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Dr. John Meisel

"This is one of the most inspiring books of our time, and it will jump-start your life"
Scott Chesney, Speaker/Coach/Consultant

"Brian's blend of wisdom, insight and gentle reassurance made Transcending Fear a must-read for all my clients. Greenlight Your Life is every bit as wonderful!"
Austin Davis,
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"If you were touched by Transcending Fear, you are truly going to love this one."
Ron Gorayeb,
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Transcending Fear is an educational organization devoted to teaching the truth about fear, and the most potent methods for coping with acute stress and negative thought-patterns. We offer books, articles, radio and TV interviews, videos and inspirational talks all with the goal of helping people turn their fear into power. In the context of economic crisis, war and climate change, fear management is the most important topic of our time.

In his worldwide speaking tour, Fear Specialist and Keynote Speaker Brian Germain skillfully relates the topic of transcending fear to every aspect of life, from business success to holistic health and wellness, making his inspiring and motivational presentation a perfect fit for nearly any event. From large corporate conferences to small company lunches, from radio and TV interviews to his inspiring videos, Brian's charismatic and entertaining discussion of this profound and meaningful topic consistently upholds our organization's mission statement:

"To help people extricate themselves from the fear-based mentality to one of compassionate motivation, open-minded wisdom and interpersonal harmony."
Transcending Math
        by Brian Germain
  As a skydiver, I am confronted with the question of probability of failure on a regular basis. "Doesn't the risk eventually catch up to you?" "You can't escape statistics", they tell me. Although cold, statistical analysis explains one aspect of the situation that governs the "reality" of risk, it is my experience that the individual has a large portion of the control within their grasp.
            We each bring to the moment our expectations, our skill, and our ability to refocus our minds on what we want to have happen. My experience confirms my belief that we are in control over more than 50 percent of the equation. Quantum physics agrees as well. You are experiencing what you have created in your visualizations and expectations, and how you handle the situations that challenge your abilities has far more to do with the outcome than simple particle physics, statistics and probabilities of outcome.
            This is the core of the adventurer's philosophy. We believe that we can control the outcome to an acceptable degree, so we feel comfortable with the "risk-to-benefit" ratio. To the person less capable of self-trust, math seems the only answer that has any meaning. To the skydiver, math is what the non-skydivers do when they watch us, almost hoping we will burn in so we can give them a bit of excitement in their dull lives made duller by the fear that has turned them into spectators, rather than participants. math 2
            So, you may find that your malfunction rate falls along predictable lines, but if you truly believe in yourself, you are far more likely to fix your malfunction. That's what pilots do. That is transcending math, and living on a higher plane of cause and effect by working on a quantum level.
            We are, all of us, very impressive. We take risks and we survive. We survive because we manipulate the situation with our minds by believing and creating what we believe through thought and action. We are benders of probabilities, and manufactures of realities. We are pilots of what is, through conscious intent. We are doing what we were born to do, demonstrating that humans are more than meat puppets. We are creators of novel moments in time that bring about novel branches of possibilities that did not exist before our attention was drawn to them.

We are nothing short of visionaries.
Green Lighting Our Life!

Brian Germain and Laura Kraus were married over the Thanksgiving holiday! How's that for transcending fear!!

We had a private ceremony in a beautiful flower-filled greenhouse near our home in Maryland, followed by a small family event at a relatives' house in northern New Jersey. It was perfect in every way.

A bit of back story, Brian popped the question at the Thanksgiving table last year (he interrupted grace for a "special announcement".) That made this year's Thanksgiving gathering the perfect place for a wedding full of gratitude, love and lots and lots of food for all.

Brian and Laura are now engaging in the process of living happily ever after.

In celebration of the wedding, Brian edited an entertaining video in which he and friend Dr. John Meisel wrote and performed an original improvised song entitled: "Advice for a Happy Marriage"!

Video Lecture!
Logo Fear

We have posted a 40 minute video lecture on the topic of transcending fear on YouTube. The video is separated into four 10 minute parts, and we urge you to watch the entire lecture in order to get the whole message. You will really enjoy it, promise!

Thank you so much to reading all the way to the bottom of the newsletter! I often wonder how far people read, and the fact that you are here makes me smile.

Thanks for being onboard with the Transcending Fear vision.

We are all in this together, and our togetherness makes us beautiful.


Brian Germain
Transcending Fear