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Happy Halloween!

As you ponder the significance of this day, remember how important it is for all of us to work with our fear. Although there will always be reasons to experience fear, we much not allow it to rule our lives. We can notice it, assess the validity of the emotion, and get back to the task of living our lives uninhibited by contraction.

If we all do this, there will be nothing to fear.
Brian Germain
Transcending Fear
Fear and the Global Economy
Contraction on the Grand Scale Brian in Door

A few weeks ago the world was rocked by the news of a world financial crisis. Ironically, the daily lives of most of us were mostly unaffected. Yes, stock prices changed for the time being, but we still had to go to work, feed our children and take care of the other details of our lives. That will never change.
In fact, we all know that this "crisis" is created more by expectation than anything else, and that if we all simply stop focusing on the way things are today, we will alter the outcome for tomorrow. The market is a volatile thing if you listen to the news. If you believe everything you hear, you will find yourself paralyzed by fear of what is to come. The media, we must realize, is creating the current conditions as much as it is reporting the news.

We must let go of our fixation on "what is" and what that means for the future if we are to change the future. There have been numerous phases in the human journey that have pointed toward grim conclusions. Those who worked to create a positive outcome did not fixate on worry. They did not fixate on what could be if things go badly. They simply focused upon what they wanted to see happen and made it so.

You can be part of the problem, or part of the solution. Thinking and talking about what you are afraid of will not help you avoid its occurrence. You must create an alternative set of possibilities. The only way to do that is to envision where you would like to see things go. In this case, that means going to work with a smile on your face.

If you do well in your own personal life, if you radiate abundance and shed your fear and negativity, you are helping the world in ways that you cannot fullly grasp. In a time when many have lost their connection to the feeling of abundance and well-being, those who can conjure this feeling have a responsibility to spread it wherever they can.

True, it is wise to plan for the worst. Having candles and water and food for hard times is always prudent. But there is a difference between fear and caution. Fear overcompensates. Fear is neurotic. Fear carries a loaded gun. What are you going to do when you run out of bullets?

Caution simply suggests that we keep creating abundance in every way, and we do that first by maintaining a good feeling about our lives. We consider our basic needs and those of the people around us, and we prepare for the bumps in the road that come as a result of global neurotic contraction. Hoarding is not caution; it is fear-driven selfishness.

Sanity is always a balance between sane fear and neurotic fear. When we allow ourselves to be driven by neurotic fear, we lose connection to the things that matter most: compassion, love and cooperation with other human beings. Those things, above all others, are the reason for fearlessness.

 Brian Germain

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As a professional skydiver, test pilot and psychology researcher, Brian Germain offers a unique personalized perspective on the phenomenon of fear. Reflecting on his many intense experiences with fear, Brian sorts through the most current psychology research on fear, and presents the ways to de-escalate the emotional response in provocative situations.

The fundamental premise of the book is simple: Fear makes us stupid. If we are to transcend the limitations imposed by a contracted perspective, we must develop our ability to remain calm. Specific methods for relaxing in dangerous situations are covered in detail, as well as scientific evidence to support the reasons for this unusual and powerful approach to dealing with fear.
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