May 9, 2008
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Brian Germain
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Transcending Fear
Free 45 Minute Audio Seminar
Brian Germain talks to Medical Students
Kansas, City MO - April 29, 2008- Brian was recently invited to teach the topic of transcending fear to the a large group of medical students at the Kansas City University of Medicine and Bioscience. In this fascinating and inspiring lecture, Brian helps clarify what fear is, and what we can do about.    You can download the talk for free, here: Listen to Seminar

Transcending Fear Seminars
with Brian Germain

Fear expert, psychology researcher and master skydiver Brian Germain speaks on the topic of transcending fear and breaking through limitation. In this powerful keynote, Brian's 13,000 skydives combine with his profound depth of knowledge in the area of fear abatement will help audiences of all kinds deal with the negative thinking that leads to diminished performance, motivation and creativity.  These inspiring words will help you to understand what fear is, how it holds us back, and how we can work with the power of the emotion to become the best version of who we can be. No other talk addresses fear so directly, and no other talk gives such concise and enlightening answers to this age-old problem.

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