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August 2011   
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Water Authority Responds to Grandy Jury Report
Bond Sales Save Millions
WaterSmart Gardening Guide for YOUR Home
Pipeline Repair Completed

 Water Talks: New Challenges, New Supplies   

Join the Water Authority at our next community forum on Tuesday, September 13 at 5 p.m. at Hewlett Packard's facility in Rancho Bernardo. We'll discuss local supply options such as recycled water, groundwater, and seawater desalination.  

The event is free, but seating is limited. Click here for more information and to RSVP.   



 Click here  

to see the presentations from our May 31 forum, where we discussed our supply diversification strategy, budget and rates.   

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Rebates Can Help Save Water and Money !



Commercial, Industrial, & Institutional Rebate Program

The Commercial, Industrial, & Institutional Save-A-Buck Rebate Program provides a rebate for the replacement of older, inefficient devices used by businesses. The installation of many of the products save not only water, but also wastewater and energy. Please visit MWD's Be Water Wise website for full program details. 


Residential Rebate Program
The SoCal Water$mart Residential 2011-2012 program is now available! This program will run until April 30, 2012. Please visit MWD's Be Water Wise website
for rebates on high-efficiency washers, weather based irrigation controllers, and rotating nozzles.

Water Authority Issues Response to Grand Jury Report on Water Rates

Grand Jury



The San Diego County Water Authority Board of Directors has concurred with the key findings contained in a recent San Diego County Grand Jury report on water rates.  The Board also determined the agency has implemented or is implementing the report's recommended actions for developing new local water supplies, pushing for fair representation at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and improving public outreach.


"The Grand Jury's report overall is right on the money," said Water Authority Board Chair Michael T. Hogan, who signed the official response approved by the Board.  "The report shows strong understanding of the water policy, water rates and water supply challenges we face, and it recommends prudent actions to address these challenges."



To see the full Water Authority response to the Grand Jury, click here


To see the full Grand Jury report, "San Diego County Water Rates:  High Today, Higher Tomorrow," issued on May 31, 2011, click here.



Bond Sale Saves Ratepayers Millions
TOV Solar Panels
Twin Oaks Valley Water Treatment Plant, one of the capital improvement projects currently being financed.

The Water Authority has completed a $139.9 million bond sale that will help save approximately $13.5 million over the life of the bonds. The sale was the latest in a series of actions taken to manage risk and reduce the cost of financing critical water reliability capital projects. The Water Authority has one of the largest capital improvement programs among California urban water agencies, with a $3.5 million budget and a two-year appropriation of $321 million for the current and upcoming fiscal years. 



Click here for more information about the bond sale. 



"Homeowner's Guide to a WaterSmart Landscape" Available Now

 Drought-Tolerant Planting


The Water Authority has developed a FREE step-by-step guide that offers do-it-yourself instructions for homeowners who want to convert their landscapes into more water-efficient ones.   


The guide explains the principles of a WaterSmart landscape -- water-efficient design and irrigation, climate-appropriate plants, and best maintenance practices.


The benefits of a water-efficient landscape include enhancing property appearance, reducing maintenance, minimizing water pollution due to runoff, and conserving water. In addition to assisting homeowners to improve their outdoor water use efficiency, this guide will help homeowners design vibrant, flourishing, and naturally beautiful landscapes that are appropriate for the San Diego region.

To read the guide in an easy-to-read online flipbook, click here.  

Advanced Technology Leads to Successful Pipe Repair

Pipe Repair

Workers inside the 69-inch pipe install a carbon fiber and epoxy lining. 



The Water Authority has an acoustic fiber optic monitoring system inside its large-diameter pipelines to monitor pressure within the pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipes. These pipes are constructed using tightly strung steel wires sandwiched between concrete linings. Recently, the system detected an early sign of weakness inside a 20-foot section of pipe in Chula Vista. While there was no leak or exterior evidence of damage, the Aqueduct Protection Program team decided to repair the 52-year-old pipe, and avoid further risk.  


Working inside the drained 69-inch pipe, a contractor applied a carbon fiber and epoxy lining that dries into a hard, durable surface. All work was completed within one week to restore the integrity of the pipe, with no interruption to water service in the area.  


To learn more about our aqueduct operations click here.  

The San Diego County Water Authority works through its 24 member agencies to provide a safe and reliable water supply to support the region's $186 billion economy and quality of life of 3.1 million residents.