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March 2011
Letter from a Brother

We Brothers are anticipating Holy Week this year with an unusual sense of excitement and joy: on Palm Sunday, we will be making our own "triumphal entry" back into the Monastery Chapel for the first service of worship there since we closed the doors for renovation last June. Though the work on the Chapel is still not complete, we will be celebrating the major liturgies of Holy Week there (and on Sundays thereafter). A schedule of services is listed below.  We plan to resume our full round of daily worship once we have taken up residence again in the Monastery, sometime later this summer.  Please join us during Holy Week as often as you can, in person or virtually.  Sermons and meditations will be posted daily on our website.


We Brothers are so grateful for your support of our life and ministry during this year of displacement.  Please be assured of our daily prayers for you as we make our way together toward the larger life promised to us all in the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Br. Kevin Hackett



Kevin Hackett SSJE

Majesty, Mystery, and Miracle

Holy Week at the Monastery

"The liturgical cycle of the year redeems the passage of time by making the months and seasons the means of appropriating again the creating and healing acts of God, reaching its climax in our renewed experience of the life-giving cross and resurrection in Holy Week, Easter and Pentecost."

- The Rule, Chapter 16 - Worship

Palm Sunday

Sunday, April 17

Sunday of the Passion:  Palm Sunday

Blessing of the Palms and Holy Eucharist 9:00 am

Service begins on the plaza in front of the Monastery Chapel


Thursday, April 21

Maundy Thursday

Holy Eucharist with Footwashing 7:30 pm


Friday, April 22

Good Friday 

The Way of the Cross 12:00 noon 

Liturgy of the Word, Veneration of the Cross, & Communion 7:30 pm


Sunday, April 24

Easter Day:  The Sunday of the Resurrection

The Great Vigil of Easter 4:30 am

Holy Eucharist 10:00 am

Ways in the Wilderness: Audio Slideshow  
By Br. Curtis Almquist and Br. David Vryhof


Visit to watch an audio slideshow Br. Curtis Almquist and Br. David Vryhof have put together, reflecting on their recent trip to the Holy Land.
A Living Tradition: Lent with SSJE

Lenten_Cross"One of the things I so appreciate about the depth of thought represented by the Rule is its application to virtually any form of Christian life . . . Virtually every chapter of the Rule has something to say to ordinary Christians because the end is the same for all of us: the experience of larger life. Christ is always calling us to something more."

- Br. Geoffrey Tristram

From Day Eighteen - A Continuous Call


The Brothers have been so pleased with the positive response the Lenten series has generated, including over 400 subscribers to the daily email.  We invite you to keep sharing a moment each day with us as we reflect together on SSJE's Rule of Life and the rewards and challenges of keeping a rule.  



Message From the Director of the Friends of SSJE

The Gift on the Path

There is nothing more wonderful

Than to have one's way

Blocked by an angel

Holding a gift from God

A practice when received

Lets us feel God's love.

In Lent we are asked to stop something and take on a practice to help us get closer to God's light and love. I am repeatedly stopped by your generosity, which makes me marvel at your kindness and makes the Brothers' ministry possible.

To maintain their ministry in the name of Jesus, the Brothers need $329,000 by June 30th.

Thank you for making me stop to reflect on kindness everyday. 

Mr. Jamie CoatsMr. Jamie Coats,
Director, Friends of SSJE

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Message from the Director of the Friends of SSJE

Construction Update

Check Out These New Photos


Our phenomenal construction crew persevered through rain and wind and a record-breaking snowfall this winter to accomplish an amazing amount of work.   


View the progress on the Monastery renovations by clicking here.



Voice of a Friend

Maria Gjonaj

"It was a warm, sunny May afternoon in 1998 when I first entered the front doors of the Monastery Chapel. It was dark with only a few candles and the sun streaming through the stained glass panels, emitting just enough light for me to find a seat. Most striking for me however, was the sight of a young student lying down on his side on the cold stone floor. He was resting with his eyes closed and breathing softly and fully. I didn't know what concern, what prayer brought him into the Monastery but I knew that if he could surrender here and fall sleep with no self-consciousness or fear, I could too. Thirteen years later, the Monastery remains a place where, when I enter its doors, my soul nods, 'Yes.'"

- Maria Gjonaj

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