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Otto and Yamil  

Becoming The Grace of Aging

 Is only possible by helping other age gracefully!




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I've always been a bit of a philosopher. Believe it or not I can tell stories of mindful revelations from age 11.  One thing I see clearly is that not one of us ever does anything alone.  There is always some one, in one form or other, who gives you what  it takes for you to culminate a process or achievement.  Just think about it. We all carry on, on queue with one another.

So, my motto lately has been-"It takes two". One to extend kindness and the other to accept, one to take advantage and the other to allow it, one to Love and the other to accept the Love, etc. etc...In and of themselves these things are only ideas and only come to be something palpable when they are in the exchanged between two people or more.

World Record Female Bodybuilder Ernestine Shepherd
World Record Female Bodybuilder Ernestine Shepherd 75 Yrs. Old
Becoming the Grace of Aging is when you take a moment to be understanding of our elders as they work hard to age gracefully. Firstly, they don't consider that they are "old" as they feel just as they ever did.

However, though their minds might be keen as a great summer day, their bodies often straggle along.  This is where you can be the number two component in Graceful Aging.  Be understanding and don't make a fuss when you offer help and they refuse.  It's ok.  It's better they do it as it will exercise their bodies and they feel that if they take help it's like throwing in the towel. Remember to be graceful in all things and it will be alright.
Your Devoted Therapist,
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