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Kinesio Taped Finger



Kinesio Taping Treatments 



Relieves Pain And Inflamation






In 2008 during the summer Olympics I noticed Kinesio taping on the shoulder of a player on the girls volleyball team. Then in 2009 when I was at the Alternative Health Expo in Manhattan I saw it again. Coincidentally, that day I had neck pain and decided to try it. It worked! 


It was amazing. I've had it in stock ever since.  I chose the color Blue for my tape as Blue is a great healing color.  Many clients are fascinated by how good it works.


This is great for back pain, knee pain, neck pain and any other body area pain. It's quick. Just 15 minutes to place the Kinesio Tape and you're done. Relief is quick and you can leave it on for 3 or more days.


$20 15 min. /  $10 HLT Members

Including Tape 

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 How It Works


Kinesio Taping method was developed by a Japanese Acupuncturist and Chiropractor, Dr. Kenzo Kase in the late 1970's.  This is a holistic method that uses the body's own healing mechanism.  The 100% cotton hypoallergenic tape microscopically lifts the skin to activate lymph drainage and circulation while also creating a space between skin and muscle. Because there are neural receptors on the skin that transmit pain signals to the brain from injured muscle and other tissue, the space created interrupts the pain circuitry.  Kinesio Taping helps reduce pain and inflammation, naturally and without side effects.  A fabulous treatment!

kinesio Taped Neck
Kinesio Taped Shoulder-Arm-BackKinesio Taped Foot

I love holistic health medicine, don't you?  The body's own healing mechanism is awesome! 


See you soon.


Your Devoted Therapist,
Healthy Living Therapeutic Spa


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kinesio Taped Neck
Kinesio Taped Shoulder-Arm-Back
Kinesio Taped Foot


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