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Healthy Living Yoga is Great!

September 21, 2011




Last Thursday, we had our first Yoga class.  I was very thrilled and it was exciting. I was a bit leery about Rochelle's type of yoga.  I have a particular vision for Healthy Living Yoga and it didn't appear to be matching what I thought.  However, I emphasized to myself having an open mind and put the intention out that "I was going to experience something wonderful".


Well, although I prefer a stronger physicality in my yoga, it was ok for me and I shared with the class that "It was really lovely to experience Rochelle's devotion to her yoga".  I had a good feeling, AND I found out later that every one absolutely loved it.  A very lovely HLT member commented how she felt peaceful on her ride home and I was really amazed to see the two male participants really enjoying a particular sequence.  I was happily surprised to see these two very nice men have a blast.


We still have a few spaces left for this Thursday's Class at 7pm to 8pm. It's really a good thing to give something new a try.  Sign up now! Remember there will be no class next week as it is the Rosh Hashanah.


Did you know that Rosh Hashanah in Hebrew means "head of the year", and did you know that the main theme of this Jewish holiday is "accepting God as our King"?  Find out more about this and other Jewish holidays here. Understanding other people's religious holidays helps to bring all of us humans together. Although we walk around with many different names, we are all one human race and although God is known by many different names he/she/it is only one God.


Behold with Wonder at what is before you... really do this and feel something very nice when you do.

-Your Devoted Therapist, Yamil


Healthy Living Yoga with Rochelle 
9/22 7pm-8pm
Rochelle in skirt

Join us for a very lovely and inner spirited yoga designed for a unique Healthy Living experience and structured as a private class for only five students.



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No Class 9/29, Rosh Hashanah 2011




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Healthy Living Yoga with Rochelle
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