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Great News!

June 16, 2011



I've been praying for a good massage therapist for quite some time to join me in providing high quality holistic care. Finally she has arrived.  You know I've always said to you she/he has to be better than me or at least as good.  I'm happy to say she qualifies to make my wish come true.

Please help me to welcome Lauren Sawyer to Healthy Living Therapeutic. Book your appointment now for a Shiatsu or regular massage session with her at this great discounted rate, 50% off.  

This offer ends Saturday and it's really a great opportunity to try out the new massage therapist.  Everyone is invited to use this discount, but if booking on line, use promo code Lauren 1 for Shiatsu or promo code Lauren 2 for Massage 50 min at check out.  Tell a friend!

Thank you.  Talk to you soon.

Your Devoted Therapist, Yamil


Get 50% Off on Shiatsu or regular Massage 
With Lauren Today until Sat., 6/18/2011
Amarillis 2nd Wind

Lauren Sawyer graduated from the Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy last year and acquired educational credits in Biomedicine from Nassau Community College in 2008.  She has skilled and well intentioned hands and is enthusiastic about continuing education in the holistic field.

Her friendly and understanding manner makes her blend easily into the Healthy Living Therapeutic way.

Lauren's specialty is Shiatsu, a Japanese therapy based on acupuncture principles.  The whole body meridian (channel) system is assessed, and treated with acupuressure points to balance your body's energy to relieve pain or discomfort from emotional/mental/physical stress.


Get 50% Off with Lauren
Shiatsu or regular Massage
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Healthy LivingNow until Saturday, June 18, 2011
Get 50% off the regular price of a Shiatsu Massage (reg. $125) or a regular Massage (reg. $95) with Lauren.


Offer Expires: June 18, 2011