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Burst Up!

May 5, 2011




I am sooooooo glad that spring time is here and summer is fast approaching.  Following my own advise of Burst Up, I am going to change the way I do my marketing so you will be seeing some different things and more promotions.   Your comments are welcomed because I want to be a better everything for you! 

For easier reading look to your right and zoom in on just what you want to read.

Have a wonderful and healthy spring season and remember to always reach for Highest Good.


Your Devoted Therapist, Yamil


Renew Yourself Now 
Sprouting Seedling
The foundation of the very complex TCM theory is Yin and Yang.  Yang is the pushing outward, going higher and increasing energy.  Spring time is when the Yang energy starts increasing to reach it's max in the summer.  Utilize this cosmic energy to break through a greater awareness of yourself.  Start something new for yourself that will make you a better human. Start a class just because it interests you, change your psychotherapist if you're still the same as you were five years ago, travel to another state for a few days and immerse yourself in their way of life. Go to Manhattan for the day and walk around and visit a museum.  Get a CranioSacral Therapy treatment at Healthy Living Therapeutic Spa and experience what peace of mind feels like. Opportunities are endless.  Use your imagination and CHOOSE to FEEL BETTER.


Happy Mother's Day
Flower Bouquet in vase

Women are so awesome and when they have given birth they are all the more magnificent.  Really nurture her this weekend.  Cook her breakfast, wait on her hand and foot, take her out to a nice restaurant, definitely treat her to the Healthy Living Mother's Special (see coupon below).  Most importantly, be an example for your children and treat her with respect, adoration and care. The world would be a better place to live and there wouldn't be any wars. 


Good News In The Community
Life Enrich OBThe Life Enrichment Center at Oyster Bay is a new place to meet new friends, exercise, socialize. It's a great place to VOLUNTEER too.  It's my opinion that volunteering is a wonderful remedy for depression and to clear one's head.  It will give you a sense of LIFE PURPOSE which I believe helps to abate the evils of the mind. Please click their web link above to see their many programs and services for the mind, body and soul for people ages 50+. Give them a call 922-1770 or tell your friends to call.  Watch for the Grand Opening of Angela's Cafe and stop by for a complimentary cup of cappuccino then go across the hall to their lively and interesting Silver Threads used clothing shop. 
Joe's Burger Shack OB Joe's Burger Shack at 69 Pine hollow Road in Oyster Bay, is already famous for great fast great prices.  Of course everyone knows this is not my type of food, but my friend was raving about it so, knowing sometimes we have to choose the lesser of the two evils I decided to run down and order a fish fillet and large home made fries.  It was a delicious and when I was told to pay $4.12 I was like What?  These days that's a phenomenon.  Bikes are being raffled every week this summer.  516-922-2230 and on Facebook, their website is under construction.

Wild Flours Bake ShopWild Flours Bake Shop 11 New Street, Huntington.  This nice little coffee and bakery shop is special because all their baked goods are gluten free.  Allergies to just about anything is increasing everyday.  With wheat being all pervasive in our foods we buy today, it's a good idea to choose gluten free baked goods and lessen the wheat load in our bodies.  I stopped there Saturday morning and yummy. Check out their pretty site for info on the different types of flour used instead of wheat flour. 



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Renew Yourself
Happy Mother's Day!
Good News In The Community
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