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We are excited to be on a segment of Channel 12 News, Living Naturally.  Please check it out and let us know what you think.  It's important.  We want to be really ready the next time Hollywood comes calling.  I'm serious!


Did you notice some typos in my last email?  Well, your devoted therapist has been having some trauma last two weeks-I just can't wait to get my CranioSacral Therapy treatment next week.  Last Tuesday I had emergency root canal and yesterday, the final work was done.  I am so fortunate to have landed on the dental chair of Dr. Richard Marcus in Huntington.  Really good hands the man has.  And, interestingly he bought me into his office where he showed me his diplomas and Certificates in Naturopathy and Auricular acupuncture.  Although, he does not practice these modalities, it was comforting for me to know that he had a deeper understanding of health.  I was relieved just in knowing I was getting excellent care.  He was great all around and highly skilled and knowledgeable.  I highly recommend him.


Thank you to you who happened to be around and wished me well during that very strange physical experience.


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Shamanic Healing

This is a very unique holistic modality that is performed by Kathy Ruel, Licensed Art Therapist and Shamanic practitioner.  This treatment session helps you to clear up foggy areas of life, brings to light episodes of our old experiences to help manage deep held feelings that are not understood or to simply refresh and unwind from the stress of modern living. 

Read more about shamanic healing and Kathy Ruel on

our website.


Kathy is also an artist and last Thursday was the opening of her art exhibit at the New York Open Center.  I was there and I have to say that her art is very moving.  It's different and comes alive as you view it.  I've already begun to save my pennies to buy a piece as I see that I can use it for my meditations and for healing in my waiting area.  Honestly, her art is something to experience, so If you haven't been to the City in a while this is worth the short trip and the Open Center is very interesting also.  There is a cafe, an interesting bookstore and a nice place to visit.



Shamanic Healing treatments are 15% Off

until March 30, 2011
(not to be combined with any other discounts)

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Please Help if you can

One of our members is trying to help a friend's child and Healthy Living Therapeutic wants to help too.  This doesn't involve donating money, it's simply a link to go to and help the family "win" a handicapped equipped van.  The following is an excerpt of email I received and the link to go to:


Please help me help my  friend, send this to everyone you know.  My  friend Susanne's sister Michelle and husband Kevin desperately need a handicapped accessible van to help get their daughter Kailey Rose around with dignity. 
Kailey's Website :  http://kaileyrose.com/


Also, another member has a beautiful brand new building with a great water view available for medical businesses tenants.  If you know of a doctor who would be interested please email ironstone@optonline.net for details.

I was in Cost the other day and I couldn't find lettuce.  When I asked an employee where it was he said that there wasn't any and that other produce would be hard to get and expensive because of the bad weather all over the world.  That made me gasp.  All over the world?  Wow, I never heard that before. The earth is hurting bad. 

Beside recycling, I think it would be really good for the earth if everyone made a big effort to get healthy.  Not just healthy in body, but also in mind and spirit.  We can't control nature or what other people do, but we can control ourselves and it would be wise to work hard to change to healthier living- physically, mentally and spiritually.  This is how we can truly help the world.  There is no better teacher than by example.  A living example of goodness all around is inspiring for others to do the same and most importantly for our children and their children.  This may sound Pollyanna or corny, but it's true.

We're here to help with Healthy Living.  Come in for a holistic treatment and tune in to that inner you and connect with the goodness in store for you.




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Your Devoted Therapist, Yamil