A New Year, A New You!

Changing Your Life by Changing Your Self 



Thank God January is behind us.  Now we can be more hopeful for better weather since we are getting closer to Spring.  It's amazing how we take mother nature for granted.  It's only when it's not so nice that we respect and give attention.  Anyway, it's all good because it makes us come straight to attention and take note of what really counts.   


Please be careful when walking in to Healthy Living.  Although our landlord, Island Properties really do a great job with shoveling, plowing and keeping the area safe, mother nature will always win by doing it's thing longer than any man's handy work.  There's plenty of parking in the back too.


Please keep your eyes peeled for Healthy Living Therapeutic Spa in the News onChannel 12 News on February 9, 8am to 12pm .  On friday January 28 Mary Mucci, host of an alternative health segment came over and interviewed me and one of our guests on CranioSacral Therapy.  It was pretty exciting and interesting.  I greatly appreciate all the clients that had scheduled appointments that day and their cooperation during the whole day.  Without your cooperation, we would not have been able to both shoot the segment and give you your treatments.  Amazing how what seems to be chaos can flow effortlessly and harmoniously when there is a unity of focus.  Thank you all.


Spa Membership                                                                            
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Members are really enjoying  our unique spa membership.   Everyone loves coming back again and again for just $59.99 during the month and snow birds love the flexibility to be able to suspend membership while  they're away. A big favorite is the 15% discount that can be used on services outside membership pricing as is the free session when reward points accumulate like an avalanche after just three personal referrals!  Life is good for the all natural health lover at Healthy Living Therapeutic Spa.


Something new you will be seeing on your email appointment confirmations and reminders is that a 24 hour notice cancellation is required to avoid a charge.  Everyone is really good with this, but we have had appointments made that become no shows.


Also, please read your receipts  and confirmation emails carefully and let us know ASAP  if any adjustments need to be made. 

Know your billing date and let us know of any changes to your membership before that date. 


Your membership experience is valuable,  We welcome your suggestions and ideas because we can always be better. 

Shamanic Healing With Kathy Ruel

I am sooo happy to introduce Kathy to you.  I have known Kathy for three years or so, but it wasn't until three weeks ago that I requested her service.  It was a great experience, it cleared up some things for me and I'm still feeling good!  She is the real thing!  And I'm happy some of you that have tried this service already have had good experiences too.  Read more about what a Shamanic Healing Session is on our site.


Kathleen Ruel, MA, ATR-BC, LCAT, is a New York State licensed creative arts therapist who is nationally registered and board-certified in art therapy.Her post-graduate studies have focused on indigenous healing practice, and she is certified in luminous healing and energy medicine. She has worked extensively with individuals and groups in various settings and formats, and likes to help people heal and progress in natural and holistic ways.  A practicing artist, her most recent work "Pachakuti Series I and II: the Sacred Masculine and the Divine Feminine - a Visual Dialogue" will be exhibited at the New York Open Center in New York City in February/March 2011.


I am excited to have Kathy working with me.  She is available Tuesday evenings; 5 to 7 and Thursdays 12 to 2 pm.

A New Year-A New You

January was prickly wasn't it? Well, the year is still new enough to try something new in your life to make a change you want to see. So, get a planner, notebook or a scrap of paper and write down something you want to see in your life to experience or live, the next time January comes around. Get ready for a new you in 2012 or maybe just next month.


The only way you are really going to achieve true happiness is if you are happy with yourself so start chipping away at yourself to create a most beautifully sculptured life or just start something new like learning a new instrument, taking a class at a nearby community college or ......more on our blog

Feb. Workshops/Lectures

Friday, February 18  7-9pm

Full Moon Drum Circle and Meditation

The full moon is a powerful tool to assist us in recognizing our emotions and helping us release old feelings that keep us stuck and going no where.  Join us for a meditation to clear our minds, focus our intentions and drum up our inner doors to open for new opportunities to come in for us and create the life of our deepest hopes or just to Air out our spirit and let the fresh energy caress our hearts.  Aummmmmmmm......  


Tuesday, February 22  7-8:30pm

Tea, Crumpets and Intuition:  An Evening of Astrology and Numerology 

We are affected by the world around us including planets of our solar system.  The "earthly" bodies-- the people around us; our family, friends and pets are what make us or brake us.  The "celestial" bodies--the planets, star constellations and their ever changing movements are the influences we were born with to help us understand our life experience.  Come and learn the astrology of our lives and discover personal directions for 2011.    Register Now for one or both workshops.  Because of our  small area space, seating is limited.    


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Dear friends and supporters of Healthy Living Therapeutic Spa,


Thank You so very much for being our customer, for being understanding, for being helpful, for being friendly in all the time I have known you.  The last few years have been particularly challenging business wise and I am grateful to still be here, available to all those with weary bodies and souls.  I especially am thankful for your support of my efforts in this life I have chosen for myself.  One can never be great alone or accomplish big goals alone, so thank you.  Whether you believe or not, you helped me.  A smile or a pat on the back, even one word of encouragement can change the most horrible feelings of doom.  


I have great hopes for the future and wish you all to receive even greater kindness and support than I have these past years.  2011 is yet another opportunity to grow in goodness, personal and professional achievement and Healthy Living Therapeutic Spa is here to help you while you brace yourself during the sometimes unavoidable bumps in the road.


With deepest gratitude,


Your devoted therapist, Yamil