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December 2010
The Best Last Minute Gift Ever!
Christmas Is In Your Heart
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Please be mindful and considerate that many folks around us maybe experiencing sadness, loneliness and depression due to misfortune and loss associated with this time of year.  If you can drop off a plate of food to a neighbor that lives alone or invite them over for tea or coffee or just offer a helping hand even though they will not accept, will be nice.  Just a big simple smile can be so healing.

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Keeping The Good
Christmas Lights Decor
Colored Christmas Lights
With every major event there will  always be drama.  It's just natural.  These events stimulate our emotions which can get out of control and without warning, seemingly out of nowhere, Drama!

So try not to take ownership of other's emotional volcanos and if you are the source, do all you can in your mind to stay connected to your own inner understand of Christmas even if it's just a childhood happy memory.  This will help you stay balanced to get you to the next moment in time when the volcano has cooled.

If unfortunately your emotional climate is uncontrollable, go to your computer and pull up Healthy Living Therapeutic Spa and read about the holistic health services that can help.  Or,  click the Contact Button and send us an email if you questions, suggestions or comments.  We also want to know about our mistakes too.  By the time you finish with that you will find your emotions or experience are history.

Give It Up
Candle White
Christmas Candle
The smile to the grumpy person, did you do it?  Well it's Christmas and we should give up a little of ourselves for the good of our brother/sister.  That's what all that business with the Adopt A Family and Food Drive is all about. 

To connect to that inner light within, do an act of kindness.  Help someone, anyone who is just about making it with a load of packages, let someone in line behind you go first, offer a kind word or two to a stranger, whatever seems helpful.  Do it.  When done in earnest, you will feel good in your heart and that is Christmas.  Christmas is in your heart.

We Wish You a Very Merry and Healthy Christmas With All Your Family and Friends.

Your Devoted Therapist, Yamil
Healthy Living Therapeutic Spa