I hope all is going well for you in every regard. I have a special request if it's ok with you.  I'm in the process of putting together my web site and I need to have some testimonials for the work we do here at Healthy Living Therapeutic.

If you have ever had a remarkable experience with Healthy Living Therapeutic and don't mind sharing, could you please send a few lines or so by replying to this email.  Please let me know how you would like your name to show on the site, i.e., L. Kerner, Lana K, or LK.

My site should be up and running by next week so if you could send your kind words at your earliest convenience, it would be fabulous.

Thank you!
MEMBERS don't forget your rewards points.  Every time you book an appointment you automatically receive reward points and if you refer three people who book appointments you get enough reward points to cover a free session!

Your Devoted Therapist,
Healthy Living Therapeutic Sp