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Summer is so refreshing because the beauty of warm days motivate me to do something outdoors, and if I go for it,  it's sooo invigorating.  The other day a friend and I jumped on our bikes and rode to a wood preserve near by early in the morning.  There was a humangous tree I just had to get next to.  We.stopped and after I did my thing with the tree, I joined my friend as she lay on the earth starring at the sky.  Quietly  our backs caressed the earth and suddenly I felt like the kid that I was long ago.  I used to love to ride my bike to the woods lay on the earth and stare at the sky looking at the clouds wondering how the earth could be moving so fast without me noticing and how could the clouds move??? That was so much fun then and even more now.  To allow myself to be in that moment of my childhood feeling, released my soul from the elephantine shackles of my modern life. What a relief, this invigorated my whole day.  I was a happy camper at work all day for a couple of days.

Before summer ends why don't you go out in nature, a half hour or more and do something simple and innocently ridiculous for no reason at all other than to just loose yourself and find that child that you were so long ago.  Maybe turn on the sprinkler system, and run through the running water, or go to the ocean and ride the waves.  Maybe just sit in the yard and stare ants on the ground, the leaves on a tree or the bird in the  bush. Whatever you can innocently think of to do to let go of the grip from the claws of life have on you, it's got to be with nature.

Life is eternal, what the heck!  You've got more than a life time to take life seriously.  A little silliness once in a blue bloom isn't going to spoil your show.

What? Can't bring yourself to do it?  Click here I can help you. Schedule an appointment with me for CranioSacral Therapy.  I'll take you there.
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Face Reading - three zonesAnother way I release and let go for a few breaths is with music. I absolutely love the liberating experience of my music.  You can too.  You just have to explore which type of music does it for you. Go to pandora.com, create an account (free) then plug in your most favorite song by name or writer and pandora just plays endless music of that same style song. You can create many "stations" with varying genres of music and play what suits you for the moment. It's pretty cool.

 For the what and how of a disease, symptom or drug my "go to first" is medicinenet.com.  It's really great at explaining the course of a disease, drugs used to treat, symptoms associated and great slide shows of skin cancers and skin diseases. It's easy to navigate around valumonous info available there.

This year I'm going to buy my holiday greeting cards from EarthFriendlyGreetings.com Jan Guarino, great artist, and Healthy Living Therapeutic enthusiast is the creator of my logo and ads.  She is a really gifted artist who puts her whole heart in her work and I'm so fortunate she is working with me.  I'm so excited thinking of which cards to pick, they're all so cool. She's a true gem.
True Healing
HLT Office Majority of people, maybe even you have misconceptions about healing. First thing to understand is that there are various layers of healing, their number depending on the level of consciousness.  True healing can only occur in one of two ways; via a miracle (very rare) or with serious life style changes, discipline to adhere to those changes, faith in your body, in "The Almighty Power",  in your health care provider and faith in yourself to stay committed to the transformation no matter what.

Healing is more dependent on you than any other factor aside from the "The Miracle" (rare!).  We all agree that the body heals itself so the real job of a health care provider is to jump start your own body's healing mechanism to heal or to help you manage your body to either get to that state of self healing consciousness or to assuage and comfort your body's ills.

My friend Lorraine Aguillar owner of Yoga Flow Studio  recently introduced me as "a great healer" at our last raw food event (which went really nice, thank you for coming).  That's a great compliment coming from Lorraine because she really lives up to what she teaches. She, like me, works hard at self improvement-always seeking deeper for more to be able to give more. It's ok for her to call me a healer because she is a great one also.  We can call each other that because we "know", but what I really am is a helper, a catalyst, a friend along the way to your success.  True healing comes from from the true healer, you!

I highly recommend Lorraine for any of your layers of healing.  She is an excellent physical therapist and a powerful yoga teacher.

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I am so happy you are enjoying the new HLT Membership. I'm sure you can feel the benefits regular treatments bring. Please keep in mind that your billing cycle runs from the day you initiated your membership, not at the beginning of the month.  Also, please let me know if there are any issues  with billing, emails, etc.  My system is on automatic and requires my tweaking my programing to make it work flawlessly.  Please check your emails for appointment confirmations, reminders, changes, cancellations and email receipts for every transaction.   Most importantly, please schedule your monthly membership visit upon receiving your monthly email thanking you for your membership and remember, every visit after that is $59.99 for member services and all other services are discounted 15%.  A really wonderful gift I was able to add to the program is My Reward Points which you earn as you book, shop or refer clients.  Points equal $$$dollar value that you can use toward services or products.  No need to sign up--it's automatic.  Refer a new client and receive $20 instantly available to put toward your next service or order.  Let it add up and you could get a whole year's subscription FREE!

I just finished creating a web page where you can go and book  your appointments at any time.  You will have to initiate a user name and password the first time you go to make your appointment so please give a call if you have trouble logging on.  Not all of our products have been loaded up so please bear with us as we continue to build up our product structure. I welcome your feedback, there's always room for improvement and it's always good to keep doing the right thing. Innovation makes life interesting so stay tuned to new happenings at HLT.

Please click here to go and schedule your appointment now.

I do hope you're enjoying the summer.  Even though it's hard to take time off, even just an hour of quality R and R is beneficial.  Whether it's in your backyard lounging on a chair or coming in for a visit to Healthy Living, do it! Only you can take care of yourself. 

And keep in mind, you might not believe that life is eternal or even buy the idea, but one thing is absolutely certain, our bodies don't last forever and it's just a matter of time.  So love your body and take care of it.  It will love you back and not give you a hard way to go.

I do care about you all a lot.  I work hard to keep my body in good shape to be able to be around to give you what you need on this journey of life. I know my life purpose.  It's helping you!

Your devoted Therapist, Yamil
Healthy Living Therapeutic Spa

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New HLT Web Page
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Do you like the photos of our front garden? I am thoroughly enjoying doing the garden thing this year.  I have no experience, but I find it very therapeutic, particularly watering it.  It has a meditative and nurturing feel to it. I know my garden won't make the pages of Better Homes and Garden, but it is Supreme to me and I LOVE IT!

Now, finally you can go on the web and book your appointments and buy my essential oils or relaxing music and face and body products.  Click on the logo abvoe or any of the photos or links above.  This web project of mine is not complete or perfect so please don't get too upset if you encounter a glitch here and there.  However, I feel a pretty good sense of accomplishment with just the little bit that you see.  It's a major learning curve, but I find it fascinating learning HTML code.  Once I get through it I'll be able to start with teaching myself chinese.  I'm serious about that as it will give me an edge with my Acupuncture and TCM skills.

Just contact me right away  with any concerns and we'll sort it out.  Emailing me is fastest and most accessible.  My Blackberry and I are really tight.

Some product photos have not been uploaded yet and some service descriptions are missing.  I'm a bit slow, but I'll get there.  Your patience with me is a blessing.  Thank you.

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The truth of wise teachers and great books are gifts.
The truth you discover through reason is a treasure, but the most rare and precious jewel
is the truth of experience.

  -Patanjali, the Shaman
Yoga, Power and Spirit
by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.
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