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Father's Day is here and though it is every day we should say thank you, it's on this day that we must say it in grand and spectacular fashion.  Scroll below and choose a goodie to add to his gifts or choose a really significant way to say "Thank You, We Appreciate All You've Done For The Family."
Reflexology Foot Detox
Have him come and roll up his sleeves and pant legs to enjoy a treatment where stress is completely banished as his feet soak in warm ionized water that helps stimulate his body meridians to release toxins.  At the same time his hands receive reflexology precisely to alleviate those hard working hands.  After the foot bath, the feet receive reflexology while the hands remain moisturized in warm mittens to enhance the treatment.  His hands and feet will tingle with energy that will work itself into each and every cell of his body to generate healthy bodily functions and a really happy face.

Dad's Special Price $75
Regularly $95
50 Min Treatment

Acupuncture Smoking Cessation Treatment
This is an initial hour and a half consultation including treatment with 9 weeks of follow up sessions twice weekly.  This is a serious treatment plan that includes weekly support and 4 free biweekly foot detox baths.  If he's committed to quitting, and has honestly decided to stop smoking----This will absolutely work!

Dad's Price: $1049.82
Regular Price: $1710.00

Massage on Man
Give Him Continued Wellness
Is he suffering from back, neck or knee pain?  Give him the comfort of being pain free with his 3 month membership at a discounted price.  This membership package entitles him to 2 treatments per month of any one of our membership services; massage, facial, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture or reflexology. He will absolutely love you for this!

Dad's Price: $329.94
Price: $389.87

I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day weekend and remember you can buy this for yourself too you know.  I really want you to be healthy and happy.  You deserve it!

Your Devoted Therapist, Yamil
Healthy Living Therapeutic Spa

This Special Offer expires July 10, 2010 and can not be combined with any other offer including membership pricing.  Thank you.