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Call for your CranioSacral Therapy appointment today and experience a deep state of relaxation that will balance your emotions, mind and body, soothe your soul and alleviate nagging pain.

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Spring Season In Us

It's Spring Again! The crisp earthy scent of the early morning air with warmer temperatures and bright sunshine tells us so.  Spring season is the renewal and re-birthing of our planet and did you know that Spring Season happens inside of us also? 

In our body, Spring happens all the time biologically. When we are ill or injured our skin, muscles and/or bones renew themselves.  Mentally it happens when powerful emotions like Love, Joy, Hate, Anger, et. al., give birth to new perspectives that change our personalities and sometimes our lives.  Spiritually, via light contemplation or even listening to gentle harmonic music, we may allow ourselves to quiet our earthly minds, calm our souls so we can "just be".   In time, our consciousness is reborn by virtue of witnessing the "Big Picture" of life through the eyes of the heart in a quiet mind. Bliss....hmmmm.  It really is a good feeling. 

Did you know that you could experience that good feeling of "just being" while in a quiet CranioSacral Therapy, massage, holistic facial or Reflexology treatment at Healthy Living Therapeutic?

The Nei Jing (an ancient Chinese medical classic) states that Qi (energy) is in constant movement in the body; ascending, descending, entering and leaving.  It specifically says that without ascending and descending there is no transformation, development and storing.  Without entering and leaving, there is no development.  This is pertaining to the physiology of the body in terms of Chinese Medicine, but it can apply to our consciousness as well. 

As a Holistic Health Practitioner I can not emphasize enough how our consciousness or constant state of  our thoughts affect our health and how we feel day to day.  With our busy complex lives along with our constant stimulus of our technology and bio-dynamics of our food and environment, it's no wonder we suffer so much from irritability, depression and confusion in our lives. 

If we could just find the time, if only a few minutes, to sit quietly and allow our consciousness to ascend, descend (our thoughts), enter and leave (the outer world into the inner world). it would nurture a transformation and development in us for healthier bodies, better personal lives and successful worldly lives.  This is pretty tough, but Healthy Living Therapeutic can help.

Without any effort on your part, other than just making an appointment, you can quietly lie down on our therapeutic table and experience the comfort and healthy benefits our treatments can bring.

Make an appointment now and receive $25 Off CranioSacral Therapy.  CranioSacral Therapy works with the CranioSacral system which is the brain, spinal cord and nerves.  A gentle, light static touch penetrates deep to your core where the therapist's hands are simply present and "just being" with your CranioSacral Rhythm.  CST helps with headaches, hormone imbalances, trauma, PTSD, anxiety and so much more.  A pleasant side effect of this therapy this therapeutic experience is that it renders you to an almost, if not a total alpha state where your soul/spirit/mind and body synchronize rendering a very fulfilling experience of relaxation and stress relief.

Many of you already know the magnificent transformative power of CST so come in for a tune up.  This is a really great way to get the body's Qi (energy) moving in all directions necessary for whatever transformation and development needed.


Call today.  You will not be disappointed.

New HLT Membership Pricing $59.99
Amarilis 040610Available now is our HLT Memberships which come in Gold, Silver and Bronze. All Membership pricing is $69.99 monthly for any one of the following; Massage, Acupuncture follow-up, Facial, and Reflexology and $59.99 any time within the 30 day period after monthly billing.  Each tier has respective benefits like Family plan, significant discounts on other services, products and more.  Call for details.

Healthy Living Therapeutic was created with a commitment to be of service to it's community through our holistic health services.  It is my belief that individuals who posses a healthy mind, body and soul will be in sync with the undeniable everlasting universal truth of Love, Peace and Unity for all living things on our planet Earth. We strive to continually evolve and keep abreast of current health developments to offer the best holistic services to the best of our ability.  While we will maintain our regular pricing that has not increased for two years now, we hope that you welcome our HLT Membership pricing as an opportunity to become more committed to your good health.  Please call me with any concerns, questions or suggestions.  Thank you.

Amarilis 040610
Your Devoted Therapist, Yamil
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PS:  it's time to get in shape.  It's Spring time.  Call Now for your Appointment!

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