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Volume 4, Issue 49                                                        October 2012
Happy Day!  car accident - oops it doesn't fit
Have you ever tried to make something fit that didn't?

Whether it's your car, your shoes or when you're hiring someone - when you miscalculate FIT, things can get VERY  uncomfortable!

That's why Evaluate Job Fit is the fourth Wake Up Eager Habit for Leaders and Sales Pros.
shoes too smallis when the work experience, behaviors, rewards and personal skills for the job - FIT (or match) - the person in the job.  

When a person FITS, they not only CAN DO the job, they WANT TO do it and they're GOOD at it.  Employees who FIT are Superior Performers.

Are you wasting time and money trying to coach and train low performing employees who, in many cases, never were a good FIT for the job?  It's painful, isn't?

"For every effect there is a root cause. Find and address the root cause rather than try to fix the effect." Celestine Chua  

That's why I want you - oh, Wake Up Eager Leader - to Evaluate Job Fit in every interview, for every new hire. 

Use these new video articles to make sure that you're never stuck trying to make a person FIT, when they don't.

'Cause THAT can be VERY uncomfortable...
don't you agree?

Three Biggest Interview Mistakes -A VIDEO ARTICLE.  The three biggest interview mistakes leaders make when hiring, and suggestions for improvement.  Easy to identify and pretty easy to correct. Watch here.   


THE Superior Performance Secret -A VIDEO ARTICLE.   If you want superior performance from your Team, it all starts...in my car. Yep, I'm in my car in this video. See why I'm in my car and what it has to do with leadership and sales success. Watch here.

how to conduct an interview

Just For Fun Interview Video: 
This wacky British interviewer makes the interviewee crazy with his "tests'.  It made me laugh. 

Thought you would like it too: Watch This Just for Fun Video Now

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