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As expected, the Wisconsin Natural Resource Board approved the scoping document that allows the DNR to develop the rules and regulations for the Wisconsin Wolf Hunting/Trapping season.

In the absence of a legal challenge, the season will begin 10/15/2012 and continue through the month of February - which includes wolf breeding, denning and pup seasons. 

On April 21, WI DNR hosted a Wolf Stakeholders meeting. Wolfwatcher was one of 16 groups present and provided input regarding the wolf hunting/trapping season.  The public will have the opportunity at four upcoming meetings to provide input on the draft concepts to be included in a wolf hunting and trapping season rule that will be going to the state Natural Resources Board on July 17th.

It is critical that the DNR and the Natural Resource Board continue to hear from you.
Wisconsin's Wolves Need Your Help
Wisconsin's Wolves Need Your Help
 In addtion to our video, you can find the highlights of our position, the next steps, public meeting dates and suggested talking points to  help your voice to be heard: Wolfwatcher's Wisconsin Update


Due to funding shortfalls, wolf tracking surveys were not conducted this past winter in Michigan. Population estimates remain at 687 wolves in 131 packs. So far, in 2012, two wolves have been illegally killed.


At this time, there is no legislation pending that would create a wolf hunting season. However, State Rep. Matt Huuki has said publicly that he has crafted draft legislation that would establish a hunting season. Efforts to obtain a copy of the proposed legislation have been unsuccessful. We will keep up the pressure and have contacted two reporters asking for their assistance in obtaining the document.  More more information regarding the status of wolf management in Michigan, please see Wolfwatcher's Michigan Update.




The Minnesota State Legislature created a wolf hunting/trapping season ignoring the 5 year moratorium that was supposed to protect the wolf for 5 years following delisting.  


While the structure of this hunting season is more reasonable that other states, Wolfwatcher has strong objections to many of the components of the hunting/trapping season. While we support the management of problem wolves, there is no scientific evidence to support the need for a recreational hunting/trapping season in areas where wolves have not caused depredation and are not likely to cause depredation.  The Minnesota DNR is accepting comments, and we urgently request that you do so.  Information and links are provided via  Wolfwatcher's Minnesota Update.  





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