National WolfWatcher Coalition 

The National Wolfwatcher Coalition

Celebrates One Year...

Maggie Howell,
Director of Wildlife Science

  and the journey continues.... 

 Wolves, their recovery, and the status of this keystone predator continue to be polarizing topics in our country.  It's not a coincidence that the National Wolfwatcher Coalition emerged from an environment of uncertainty regarding the future of our nation's wolves and the habitat they require.  During the Coalition's first year, extremely controversial hunts claimed over 500 wolves and left  many citizen advocates feeling exhausted, angry and discouraged. 

Chris Cross,
Communications and Media Director


It's been a tough year for wolves and we who aim to safeguard their future.   Along the way, we've been blessed with moments of sweet surprise. Our "pack" has grown at a rate that far exceeded the expectations of most, with supporters from all regions of the US and beyond, rolling up their sleeves and ready to take on the necessary challenges.  


Nancy Warren,
Great Lakes Regional Director

Folks from all walks of life share our  mission, many of whom are not old enough to vote!  Our impact swells not only with a growing number of diverse and energized individuals, but also through collaboration with other wildlife organizations that do exceptional work. Of course, we appreciate continued collegial partnerships as we move on to face new challenges. 

Diane Bentivegna, Education and Resources Director


Like the corridors that allow adventurous wolves to extend their territories far beyond their origins, our network allows us to continue to break new ground every day.   


Cindy White Overton,
Finance Director


 Only time will tell what the future holds for the wolves for which we  

advocate.  The Imnaha pack, the wolves of the Kenai, Lolo and Lamar, and the lone pioneer who ventured into the Golden States... these and all wild wolves will remain our priority.   



Dave Hornoff, Executive Director


That's who we are.  We are Wolfwatchers.  Whether spying them through our scopes or fighting to give them the future that the ESA promised,  it's what we do.     



Thank you for your continued participation,  encouragement  

and support! 




Respectfully from, 

Board of Directors of the 

National Wolfwatcher Coalition  




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