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  471F by Brandi Nichols
Wolfwatcher Tribute:  Yellowstone's 471F of the Agate Pack lived a wild and free life, the best we can hope for a wild wolf. She will be remembered for her strength, intelligence and courage.  
 Rest in peace, 471F....

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We invite supporters to join our mission in the field as grassroots "advisers" and educators. Please contact us at if you live in the USA and would like to take an active role in promoting this mission.

 Friends of Wolfwatcher
Photo taken at Wolf Conservation Center
The red wolf, otherwise known as "the other wolf," is one of the most critically endangered wolves in North America. Our friends at the Red Wolf Coalition provide a wealth of information and resources about the importance of this creature as well as challenges to its conservation. We urge you to visit their website to learn more about red wolves and what you can do to support them.

Current Legislative Campaigns

Consider participating in our legislative campaigns to help ensure the future viability of wildlife, including wolves, on public land.

Three bills are currently being considered in the House of Representatives' Committee on Natural Resources. We urge you to consider the following actions by registering, endorsing/opposing these bills and sharing them with others for their support.  Consider the option of leaving a brief personal message with your representative, as well.

Bans the use of poisons for "predator control" on public lands.

Bans the use of body-gripping traps throughout the public lands
of the National Wildlife Refuge System. 

Combines several anti-wildlife proposals into one dangerous bill. 

We appreciate your consideration and support.

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