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Customer Corner

Sam Passamonte with his two Martin Guitars
Sam Passamonti with his two Martin Guitars
 Sam Passamonte  is a frequent player at open mics and jam session in town. He will likely be playing one of the two new Martin Guitars purched at Trinity Guitars. Look for Sam with a great guitar and a good song!
Sam saw me pack a few sets of electric guitars strings in my laptop case just before my trip to Haiti. Being ever inquisitive and sharp he asked what I was doing with electric guitar strings. I explained they were for the Praise Band in the church we attend while in Haiti and that I wish I had some bass stings to take. Sam instantly offered up a set that he had at home. When we got to the Haitian church that Sunday the band was not set up. I gave the strings to the pastor and he was very grateful. He presented them to the congregation during the service. After the service the bass player went and got the bass guitar. Two of the strings were broken and the guitar was not playable. That was why the band was not playing any more. So, thank you Sam for helping to bring the music back to this very poor Haitian church. Well done my friend! Seeing the smile on the bands face was a highlight of the trip.
Choice Corner
Dave Gofien with Trinity Guitar 93
Dave Gofien holding his Trinity Guitar 93 with Jim Holler

Jim's Choice
Guitar: Taylor Guitars 514CE Ltd KOA
My pick of the month has to be the Taylor Guitars 514CE Ltd Koa. Just stunning woods and tone!  When the guitar is plugged in it is every bit as good as my 814CE and the woods on the 514CE Ltd is sweet.
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Hello ,
Welcome to the Trinity Guitars Newsletter.  In the Customer Corner a customer let us take a picture of him with the guitars he purchased here.  Jim has his guitar choice of the month. We have updates on the Taylor Road Show and we have a surprise show happening right here at Trinity Guitars this month. As you can see we are excited because there is a lot going on here at Trinity Guitars.  
We wish you, your family and friends a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Enjoy this newsletter.
Upcoming Events
Chuck Pyle will be performing here at Trinity Guitars on Thursday November 18, 2010 at 8:00 pm

Taylor Roadshow will be coming to Trinity Guitars to celebrate our First Anniversary at 800 West Third Street on Friday, November 19, 2010. There is more about this show in this Newletter.
 Guitar Lessons 
Steve Eng
Steve Eng, Guitar Instructor


Steve Eng - your instructor:


Steve has played guitar for over 40 years with influences that include the blues, jazz, rock and roll, ragtime, swing, gospel, bluegrass, country, and folk-rock.  He taught guitar for 10 years.


He has performed on stage with a number of jazz, bluegrass, Americana folk-rock bands and as a soloist at many different venues.  He currently perform at regional festivals and venues as a soloist and as a member of Old Dawg Bluegrass and the OD Jazz Trio.


He plays acoustic and electric guitars, bass and 5-string banjo.  His favorite guitar playing method is the finger style "Travis or Atkins picking" technique; something that has garnered awards for me at several guitar contests.


Steve Eng is a Penn State University graduate, a registered architect and freelance photographer.

"My one-on-one guitar lessons are structured around a student's specific abilities, something that on-line lessons and videos do not take into account.  For the beginning guitarist, technical emphasis of the fundamentals at a comfortable pace will be important to advance comfortably and enthusiastically into a musical style that is appealing to him or her".


Live Performance


Chuck Pyle
Chuck Pyle


Trinity Guitars and Mayville Events Proudly Presents:


Chuck Pyle in concert at Trinity Guitars, 800 West Third Streeet, Jamestown, NY on Thursday, November 18, 2010 at 8:00 pm.

Cost is $10.00. Call in your reservation at 716-665-4490 or visit 

Mayville Events

There is very limited seating .

Taylor Roadshow
Corey Witt with Trinity Guitars
Corey Witt with Taylor Roadshow

   Trinity Guitars will host the Taylor Guitars Road Show at 6:00 pm on November 19, 2010.

 On hand to demostate the latest product offerings from Taylor Guitars, and explain how the shapes and woods used in the construction of different models affect their tone, will be Taylor clinician Corey Witt. After 25 years of guitar playing, Corey finds a personal satisfaction in the Road Show experience through the people he meets along the way. The most gratifying part, he says, is "meeting the spouse, significant other, parent, grandparent - essentially the non-guitar player -who comes up to say that he or she had a great time and learned more about why guitars sound the way they do. Guitar players will show up for the romance and the chance to dream about new instruments, but at the Road Shows, I get the opportunity to demystify [guitar playing]". What is his favorite Taylor model? "Probably a 516CE. I have an aggressive picking and strumming hand, so the cedar top and mahogany back and sides are a little more forgiving with their natural compression and midrange squish," he explains.  
Attendees on November 19th will have an opportunity to play the instruments, pick up premiums provided by Elixir Strings (subject to availability) and, potentially, win a custom-designed Taylor. The roadshow will be held at Trinity Guitars, 800 West Third St. Jamestown, NY14701. 716-665-4490. We expect to pack the place again so please call or email kathy with your reservation.

We here at Trinity Guitars thank you for your support and patronage.
Jim Holler
Kathy Foster
Bill Ward

Trinity Guitars, Inc.

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