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Customer Corner

Mike Vernon with his Larrivee L05 12 String Guitar
Mike Vernon Larrivee 12 String
Mike Vernon enjoys playing his new Larrivee L05 12 String Guitar. When Mike received his guitar, Tag Along the cat, was just as anxious to open the box as Mike was.
Choice Corner
Jim's Choice
Guitar: Taylor Guitars 414CE Ltd Walnut
My pick of the month has to be the Taylor Guitars 414CE Ltd. If the 414CE was here when I selected my 814CE, the decision would have been a difficult one. The acoustic tone of the 414CE Limited is very rich. When the guitar is plugged in it is every bit as good as my 814CE and the woods on the 414CE Ltd is sweet.
Bill's Choice
Guitar: Larrivee L09 Lacewood
The L09 series guitar isa very popular professional player's choice with its high end specs and really seems to suit any level of playing style.  The Lacewood is a high quality wood (likened by some to Brazilian Rosewood in sound) and the 09 series all have the single piece Mahogany neck. I am really impressed by the volume, finesse and versatilty of this instrument.
I also love the fact that Jean Larrivee will find a tree like this and build guitars until it's gone, giving the customer a chance to grap a sort of 'limited edition' without spending a lot more. Cool guitar.
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Hello ,
Welcome to the Trinity Guitars Newsletter.   Once again this month is Choice Guitars with Jim's and Bill's Guitar Choice Corner.  In the Customer Corner a Larrivee Guitar customer has sent in a picture of the guitar he purchased here. We have updates on the Martin Clinic and do check out the "Close Out" deals.  Jim Holler will be on Cable 8 News on Tuesday, Steptember 7, 2010 at 7 pm and 10 pm and then as a weekend reminder on Friday, Septemper 10, 2010. As you can see a lot has been happening here at Trinity Guitars.  Enjoy this newsletter.
Upcoming Events
  The Martin Clinic will be here at 800 West Third Street, Jamestown on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 3:00 pm and at 6:00 pm.  Read more about this show in this Newsletter. 
  Taylor Roadshow will be coming to Trinity Guitars to celebrate our First Anniversary at 800 West Third Street on Friday, November 19, 2010. There is more about this show in this Newletter.
Press Release 

From Left to Right: Dean Kruger, Archie Post, Dave Erickson, Roy Smith, Jim Holler (with Baby Taylor Guitar), Melissa Belli, Greg Stenta, Shawn Dohl, Shannon Scarem, Charlie Hodges

Haiti May 2010

Jim Holler, owner of Trinity Guitars in Jamestown, has teamed up with Allegany Region Missions, Inc. (ARM)of Randolph NY to raise funds for the construction of a new school in Haiti, a nation still struggling to recover from history's 6th-deadliest earthquake.


Holler, who already has completed one trip to Haiti in which he contributed hands-on assistance in rebuilding the nation's shattered infrastructure, is looking forward to returning there in October. "As soon as I learned of the devastation in Haiti, it became a personal issue for me," Holler said, "and I began searching for an area organization that would be a good fit as a partner. It didn't take long for me to realize that the folks at ARM and I share a common sense of purpose and outlook where helping others is concerned."  Dave Messinger, president of ARM states, reciprocates Holler's sentiments.  "ARM is fortunate to have people like Jim Holler of Trinity Guitars, who share our vision, want to make a difference, and then make it happen."


Holler's fund-raising efforts to date have been supported by two of America's best known instrument manufacturers - Taylor Guitars of El Cajon, California, and CFMartin of Nazareth, Pennsylvania.  Proceeds from the sale of the more than 100 shirts donated by Taylor and Martin - more than $1,500 to date - have been donated in full to ARM's Heart for Haiti campaign.  Taylor also donated one of its "Baby Taylor" guitars, which Holler left with leaders of a Haitian church congregation at the conclusion of his earlier visit to the island.


"It's a blessing to be working with ARM with the support of business partners like Taylor Guitars and CF Martin, who are willing to help us out with this effort. Not to mention Bille Ward, who personally tie-dyed many of the shirts they donated, because she felt they would bring in more money that way. And she was right - they have been a huge hit! " Bille is the daughter of well-known Chautauqua-area musician, Bill Ward, an employee of Trinity Guitars and a friend of Holler.


In addition to ongoing shirt sales, upcoming fund-raising efforts include a pair of events scheduled at Trinity Guitars. The first is a day of CF Martin Guitar clinics, set for 3pm and 6pm on September 11, 2010, highlighted by the return of Martin clinician Richard Starkey.


The second is a return engagement by the popular Taylor Road Show on  November 19, 2010. In addition to exhibiting many new and custom guitars, Taylor personnel will discuss guitar building, wood selection and sound amplification. Taylor's well-received events also feature world-class guitar playing.


The workshops will be held at Trinity Guitars, 800 West Third Street, Jamestown New York.  While admission to the two events will be free, Holler points out that attendees will be asked to consider contributing to the Heart for Haiti campaign.  Reservations are required, and can be made by phone at (716) 665-4490 (


Jim Holler enjoys a well-earned international reputation for building, selling and repairing acoustic guitars. Home-based for 14 years, Trinity Guitars now is conveniently located at 800 West Third Street, across the Third Street Bridge from Downtown Jamestown.


A large selection of guitars from prestigious North American manufacturers including CF.Martin, Jean Larrivee, Gallagher, National Resophonic, Taylor and Weber is complemented by quality instruments at lower price points manufactured by well-regarded brands such as Recording King and Morgan Monroe. In addition to acoustic guitars, Holler also offers mandolins and banjos, and a full array of accessories from strings and straps to tuners, cases, gig bags, picks and apparel. Expert luthier services are available, ranging from setups and re-fretting to pickup installation and major structural repairs. 


Business hours are 11:00-6:30 pm, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and 11:00-5:00 pm Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Appointments for other hours can be scheduled by calling (716) 665-4490.  Free off- and on-street parking is available.


Kidder Alive Band
Allegany Region Missions



Founded in 2000, Allegany Region Missions (ARM) is a non-profit, Christian volunteer organization that focuses on international mission projects and programs in medical care, construction and education supported by more than 100 individuals from Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Counties. ARM volunteers work side-by-side with those receiving assistance, offering mentoring, teaching and skill building in health and medicine, construction and education. 


Located on Main Street in Randolph, NY, ARM also offers free or low-cost clothing and house ware items through its Depot store, which also houses its Angel Food Ministry.


ARM is sustained by the financial support of individuals, churches, business and other organizations, allowing 100% of donations go toward designated ministry mission work.





ARM's Heart for Haiti campaign was established to help with the reconstruction of damaged buildings of ministry partner Christian Service International.  The organization currently is focused on the construction of a new school in the Haitian village of Gallette.  The school, currently an open-air shelter with desks, accommodates nearly 300 students, 10 teachers, a pair of aides and a director on a yearly operating budget of only $30,000. Through its Teacher Sponsorship Program, the campaign aims to guarantee teachers a competitive wage and purchase needed textbooks. The effort has been supported by educators from Ohio State University.


Donations to the Heart for Haiti campaign are allocated completely to mission activities designated by the donor. Additional information is available at,  by calling 716-358-9126, via email at, or PO Box 294, Randolph, NY 14772.


Martin Clinic

Martin Clinic 9/11/2010
Martin Clinic Richard Starkey

Trinity Guitars will be hosting another CF Martin Guitar clinic, set for 3pm and 6pm on September 11, 2010, highlighted by the return of Martin clinician Richard Starkey. Richard is well versed in a wide range of acoustic guitar styles. He has worked as a resident player, technician and set up expert with Martin for over a decade. During Richards presentation he will address many questions on the History, Construction, and sound of Martin Guitars. This will be a day of all things Martin.
The clinic will be held at Trinity Guitars, 800 West Third St. Jamestown, NY
14701. 716-665-4490. We expect to pack the place again so please call or email kathy with your choice of time reservation.
We here at Trinity Guitars thank you for your support and patronage.
Jim Holler
Kathy Foster
Bill Ward

Trinity Guitars, Inc.

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