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Tea in History 
The invention of the English Afternoon Tea (Low Tea) is credited to the Duchess of Bedford - one of Queen Victoria's ladies in waiting, who came up with the idea of a late afternoon meal of tea, thin sandwiches, and small cakes to overcome the "sinking feeling" she felt.  The notion caught on, with Queen Victoria's enthusiastic support.

June is
National Iced Tea Month !

June 11-13


 June 14-15

Specialty Tea Institute Certification


June 21-25

The Etiquette School at the Celebration Cottage

1639 Ebenezer Road
Rock Hill, SC

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June 28    6pm-8pm

Scrapbook Tips for World Travelers Travelogue
presented by
Kristen Thoennes,
sharing her recent travels in Europe!

The Celebration Cottage
1639 Ebenezer Road

Rock Hill, SC
Refreshments provided by KTeas

Tickets: $5 at the door OR $3+3 canned goods for Feed the Hungry
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Looking for Something Different for Dad's Day? Consider a Tea Party

No, wait! Seriously: it's natural to think of Mother's Day Tea Party celebrations. But why leave out Dad? Dad might enjoy the show of appreciation if you give him a masculine Afternoon Tea with a robust Black Tea or a pleasant, soothing Rooibos.  Is there a bakery or a local Breadsmith store where you could pick up Dad's favorite pastries or baked goods? Think that's too fru-fru for Dad? Consider a High Tea. Sounds too posh? Actually, "high tea" is also known as "meat tea" because it is simply a Meal with Tea, called "high tea" because it's served at a "high table" or: a regular dining table. (As opposed to the lower coffee tables and trays around divans and chairs in the traditional drawing-room or parlor setting of Afternoon Tea (aka Low Tea.) Have a meal of some of Dad's favorite foods with tea. It's summertime--does Dad like cookouts?  Serve cookout food and maybe iced tea. Does Dad like camping? Has anyone tried the Fryin' Pan Bread Scones from The Camping Food & Backpacking Food Co.? We think they sound fantastic; if you have tried them, please drop us a note at www.KTeasOnline.com/contact let us know what you thought. . . . Start a new family tradition of Taking Tea for special occasions. We're here At the Intersection of Life and Tea to help.  
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It's Summertime! It's Iced Tea Time

        Trivia time:  Common knowledge holds that Iced Tea came about at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair when a tea plantation owner and merchant, Richard Blechynden, literally couldn't give away hot tea to fair visitors! He'd planned to give free samples to promote his tea, but the St. Louis summer was too hot for very many people to be interested in a hot beverage. In a moment of inspiration or desperation (both?), Blechynden dumped some ice into his tea and thus created a beverage that was a huge hit at the St. Louis World's Fair!
        Perhaps Mr. Blechynden and the World's Fair visitors were not familiar with the story of the 1890 Confederate reunion in Nevada, Missouri.  We had not heard about it, ourselves, until we did some research to remind ourselves of Mr. Blechynden's name and such details, and we stumbled across an article that mentioned a newspaper story appearing in the Nevada Noticer on September 28, 1890, fourteen years earlier than the St. Louis World's Fair. 
The Nevada newspaper story described in great detail the magnitude of the event held at the Artesian Park at an encampment called Camp Jackson.  The newspaper story listed what was served at the barbecue, such as 11,705 pounds of beef, 60 gallons of pickles, and 880 gallons of iced tea.  That would certainly seem to indicate that Iced Tea had been a fairly common beverage somewhere (for someone or several someones to think of preparing 880 gallons of the beverage!) prior to the St. Louis World's Fair.  But apparently the beverage was not common knowledge to those in 1904 who thought a delightful new drink had been discovered/invented.
        The online article which taught us of the earlier existence of Iced Tea can be seen at www.lyndonirwin.com/1904%20Tea.html , is by Lyndon N. Irwin, and is part of a Missouri State University Agricultural History Series.  The article also quotes one Pat Villmer of the St. Louis World's Fair Society who wrote that tea "wasn't 'invented' at the World's Fair. The good people of the South were serving iced tea in their homes long before the Fair. It was just popularized at the Fair. It was called sweet tea, served cool, not hot, in the summer in the South. Ice, when available, was used.  Remember, ice was the premium in the early days before refrigeration, not tea."
        Hmm.  We certainly learned our something-new-for-the-day with that one!
Did you know?

Almost any tea you like hot, you can drink iced.
Don't let anyone tell you this or that tea won't work as Iced Tea. Try it and decide for yourself!

You can make a quick single-serving of iced tea with a martini shaker. Steep your cup of hot tea as usual. Pour into a cocktail shaker with ice. Close the shaker and shake up the contents well.  Pour into a glass over more ice, and voila! You have iced tea.

Sometimes a tea that you're not too crazy about hot may appeal to you chilled. Example: if you're not a fan of green teas, hot, maybe add a little sweetener and try the cocktail shaker trick. You might discover a new favorite summer beverage!

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