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Tip of the Month: Warm Up with Magnet Therapy
Swift Taylor Goes to Florida
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By Mary D. Midkiff

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All the steps you need to use The InBalance Horse oil blend, mouth massage and acupressure!
5 steps to maximizing preparing, training and enjoying horses.

"The Focused Horse" 26 minute DVD includes demonstrations showing steps on how to apply and use "The InBalance Horse" essential oil blend aromatherapy, massage and acupressure techniques to calm and focus your horse, and English and Western saddle fit specific to the female equestrian. 
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Fitness, Performance & the Female Equestrian

Fitness, Performance and the Female Equestrian 

She Flies Without Wings

She Flies Without Wings      
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Take the Emotional Stress Out of Your Horse's Life!!!
The InBalance Horse Essential Oil Blend for Horses
We have added Sweet Almond Oil to the blend speeding up the absorption rate; and it resists freezing!
InBalance HorseCalming the Anxious Horse...
with aromatherapy and the analgesic affects of this essential oil blend.

Time after time, horse after horse, horse owners and handlers are experiencing the magic results of The InBalance Horse essential blend for horses.  

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Holiday Greetings from Women & Horses


In case you missed it, "Aromatherapy for Horses" was the feature of The Rick Lamb Show on RFD-TV in October. This program stemmed from an interview Rick did with me during the World Equestrian Games 2010. Rick Lamb's production team did a beautiful job in putting it all together and we have it here for you to click on and watch or go to the home page of my website


We received a tremendous response from this show from horse people all over the world wanting to purchase The InBalance Horse oil blend.  We had orders from rural Iowa to Ireland, New York City to Dusseldorf, Germany.  And from the early reports people are experiencing very positive results.  I have a few to share with you in this newsletter.


The power of aromatherapy, endorphin release and acupressure continue to amaze and inspire me. I have Swift Taylor's yearling half brother under my care now and he is a big strapping colt. These natural tools have given me the depth of relationship and the positive mental attitude toward his training that I seek. When a horse that has had this kind of foundation goes into serious training, people notice the difference. The horse is trusting, confident, and clear about accepting direction.


Until December 31 you can take advantage of a special holiday offer on the oil blend and the DVD. Just click on the green "Special Holiday Offer" below for this special offer and check it out.    




Purchase The InBalance Horse oil blend get a free DVD and a $5 discount on your next purchase.

The InBalance Horse oil blend is a unique and thoughtful gift for anyone involved with horses and will last for months. The oil blend comes in a blue cobalt glass bottle with dropper and artful label. The bottle is safely packaged in a purple velvet drawstring pouch with user guide card inside. Plus, you get the how-to-use the aromatherapy oil blend demonstration DVD free! Your gift will have added impact by including your friends in our free subscriber list.Subscribers receive Mary Midkiff's newsletters, notices, resource tips and training aids, and receive notice of special offers which Mary creates during the year similar to this Holiday offer. 

You can have the kind of relationship you have always wanted plus share it with your friends. The InBalance Horse oil blend also gives you a tool to recommend when you see someone who could use a little help with horse behavior issues. Another added benefit is it tends to help the person focus and relax too!


I wish you and your friends, family and horses a very happy and safe holiday season!


I hope you will follow from newsletter to newsletter insights, observations, questions and solutions to numerous inquiries around horses and the world they live in. The resources, web links, experts, books and articles listed here will give you lots of options to pursue.


The Women & Horses newsletter stands for all horse and pony breeds, as well as donkeys and mules, all disciplines and uses of the horse and wild horses.


Past newsletters have been archived on the web site for you to check out anytime and I'm always open to receiving your inquires via email.



Mary D. Midkiff

Equestrian Resources 


Tip of the Month: Use magnet therapy before you ride

Magnet therapy can be a great help during cold weather months. I have a wonderful magnet blanket that I bought for $50 about 10 years ago that I still use today. You can find this blanket, no longer for $50 but still very reasonably priced, at It is basically a fly sheet with magnets placed on the acupressure points. It works so well and my horses relax and enjoy the comforting feelings it offers.


Any magnet blanket will help but the blanket I use was cleverly designed to touch on key acupressure points while stimulating the ions in the blood stream. If I am going to work with my horse I will put the magnet blanket on, start my grooming with head and oil blend/massage process, neck, hooves, mane and tail, fold the shoulder section of the blanket over the rump and continue my grooming.


I continue by bringing the blanket fully over the back again, then folding it from the tail forward onto the shoulders and finish. By then it has usually taken about 15-20 minutes and your horse should be sufficiently warm and the circulation process complete. If it is deeply cold you may want to give it another 10 minutes. You shouldn't need any more time than that.


Now your horse is ready to be tacked up and go right into work. You could add some ground work before you mount but I hope this will help you minimize or eliminate your need to lunge. I just get on my horse and walk him for a few minutes and do some lateral work then go into the trot or gait. This process can really eliminate a lot of stress and warm up time before you ride.


I used it the other day when we had a very cold rain and my horse was soaking wet and shivering. I brought him in and put on the magnet blanket for about 20 minutes and took it off. He was warm throughout his back and content.


Magnets can also help you stay warm. I have magnet boot inserts that I wear everyday that I purchased from a Nikken representative. They not only keep my feet warm but provide excellent circulation and help with my balance in the saddle.

Swift Taylor Heads to Florida


It's been a couple of months since my last report on Swift Taylor. She was training very well with fast workouts, had passed on starting gate requirements and her trainer was looking at the condition books to find her a starting or maiden race, when she came back from training one morning with a tiny shin splint.


Tom and I were on vacation so I could not be there to actually see the injury but we were told what happened which is very common for youngsters and given a few options by the vet. The options went from very radical severe quick fixes to various expensive therapies to sending her back to me and giving her time off. We chose the later.


So Rita and I were back together again for about 6 weeks. It was up to me to manage her very competitive mind and body. She had loads of energy to expend and I had to contain it to help her mend. I started right away with the oil blend, my massage techniques and putting Arnica on her front legs. I used my photonic health laser therapy daily and did some cold hosing when the weather would allow.


Unfortunately I also had to use 1/2 to 1 cc of oral tranquilizer each morning to keep her from acting out and further inflaming her injury.  You may remember that Peggy Cummings is my mentor and I used everything I had learned from Peggy's "Connected Ground Work" techniques. I worked with Rita in the indoor arena each morning for the first 2 weeks using the connected ground work to get her to release through the poll and spine and shift the nervous system.


Once she was completely calm and 100% connected to me, then I could trust her to be turned out in her paddock and quietly graze or we could tack her up and walk under saddle. Occasionally I would take her to the round pen and let her play in the deep sand for a few minutes to blow off steam.


From those first 3 weeks of high maintenance she slowly began to settle and I was able to back off the tranquilizer and keep the same responses. We began jogging then galloping her slowly again and by the end of the 6 weeks the injury had become smooth cold bone and she was ready to go back into training.

Mary Midkiff and Rita


She is now with a wonderful rehab trainer, Randy Bradshaw in Ocala, Florida. Randy and I are always on the same wavelength as fellow holistic trainers. It's been great finding other like minded people in this tough racing world. Once she is fully prepared she will go to my good friend and outstanding race trainer, John Ward at Palm Meadows. If all goes well she may be in her first race at Gulfstream this winter.


I miss her and love her but she is so ready to move on. She loves the race game and loves to train more than anything else. What a joy to see her in her element!   


Letters from You: Experiences with The InBalance Horse oil blend


I received the oil a couple weeks ago.  I ordered it for an unwanted Tennessee Walking Horse that I acquired last November.  Micah is 12 years old.  He has a deep scar across his tongue and scars at the base of both ears.  He was gelded two years ago at the age of ten.  He has had 8 different owners listed on his papers from over the years.  He flinches at everything.  If his whiskers happen to touch my arm he jerks his head back sure of the punishment to come.  When I first got him, he would hold his breath while I haltered him.  I never thought about the tightness of his muzzle until I saw your segment on Rick Lamb's Horse Show.  I checked the next day and his mouth is absolutely taught.  I started using the oil and massaging his muzzle.  What a change!  When I stand in front of his stall, he puts his face close and doesn't withdraw.  His muzzle is loosening.  I hope that overtime with continued massaging and consistent, kind handling, he will come to know that he has nothing to fear in me.


Thanks for a great product and idea.


F Jorgensen

Tryon, NC




I have purchased the aroma therapy package and my high-strung Arabian horse loves it - right from the first "whiff", he started to relax.  Very nice!  

Many thanks for your kind attention, 

J James

Eros, LA  




I recently purchased The InBalance Horse Essential oils.  After watching the video (Focused Horse) a couple of times, it was time to try it on my guys.  One is 23 yrs. old and the other is 12.  I felt it would be a good first experience if they just sniffed the open bottle.  However,  the younger one was ready to eat the bottle so I started with him.  To say I would have my fingers in his nostrils was something that I didn't think he would allow the first couple of times.  It was amazing.  Lots of licking and chewing, blowing, tongue rolling, VERY soft eyes.  When I was done he just kept yawning.  After that he put his head by my arm, as if to say, may I have more please????  It was very touching.  He is usually quite a pushy horse, but appeared very soft at this time.  I was VERY pleased with the response.  Then my husband rode him.  It was a very windy night and all kinds of noises were happening in the arena due to the wind.  He kept himself focused.  We were so pleased.  Thank you very much.  A wonderful smelling product that my horses appeared to love.


The 23 y. o. was interested in smelling the oil, but not wanting to eat the bottle.  Before I got my fingers in his nostrils, he had to throw his head up 2-3 times, but then it just hit him.  He lowered his head, eyes softened, licking, chewing, yawning, blowing.  He also seemed to love the acupressure.  He, too, came over and nuzzled my hand, as if asking for more.  It was a much better than expected first time experience.  Thank you so much.


We have 6 police horses at our barn.  I thought of them immediately, as benefiting from this InBalance Blend.  They are having a training meeting on Saturday.  I am giving them your video to watch.  Hopefully, they will be at least half as enthused as I am.


JA Blessing

Madison, WI




I just spent my very first session doing aromatherapy with your special blend on my two horses, Blue and Gi. They loved it! Gi, my Icelandic, put his head to the ground and stayed there, he was in heaven! Then he followed me around for more! Blue, my TWH, enjoyed it also and he is a tough character to calm. I actually made lots of progress getting Blue to lower his head and then he let me brush him all over without being haltered or tied!


I had such a wonderful experience doing this and can't wait to do it again. It's most relaxing for me too! I also did the mouth massage and the acupressure you demonstrate on the DVD. I just felt so good doing this for the "boys" and I know they appreciated it.


Thank you so much for sharing this special focusing session with the "world". I feel so good about it, I just can't express enough!


C Bloss

Narvon, PA

Happy Holidays Everyone!
 Mary D. Midkiff
Mary D. Midkiff
Equestrian Resources, Inc.