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The Focused Horse DVD
The InBalance Horse Oil Blend
Horses & Hope Project Featured on Kentucky Oaks Day at Churchill Downs
Tip of the Month: Shoulder Seasons Means Extra Balancing
Swift Taylor Rolls Forward

By Mary D. Midkiff

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All the steps you need to use The InBalance Horse oil blend, mouth massage and acupressure!
5 steps to maximizing preparing, training and enjoying horses. 


"Fly Lite absolutely LOVES your oil blend- in fact, most days, she looks for the oils. It certainly calms her down and relieves her tension (which she has quite often as she is a typical chestnut mare). We used it before we schooled cross country and it made all the

difference between the normal "jiggy, crazy" Fly and the one that WALKED around the course!  M. DeCarlo, Lexington, KY"

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Fitness, Performance & the Female Equestrian

Fitness, Performance and the Female Equestrian
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She Flies Without Wings

She Flies Without Wings
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"The Focused Horse" 26 minute DVD includes demonstrations showing steps on how to apply and use "The InBalance Horse" essential oil blend aromatherapy, massage and acupressure techniques to calm and focus your horse, and English and Western saddle fit specific to the female equestrian.

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Take the Emotional Stress Out of Your Horse's Life!!!
The InBalance Horse Essential Oil Blend for Horses
We have added Sweet Almond Oil to the blend speeding up the absorption rate; and it resists freezing!
InBalance HorseCalming the Anxious Horse...
with aromatherapy and the analgesic affects of this essential oil blend.

Time after time, horse after horse, horse owners and handlers are experiencing the magic results of The InBalance Horse essential blend for horses.  

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 Galloping horse animation
Horses & Hope Project Featured on Kentucky Oaks Day at Churchill Downs  
Three years ago Kentucky First Lady Jane Beshear decided to create an initiative in the Commonwealth of Kentucky to combine her love of horses and the horse industry and her commitment to see breast cancer become a disease of the past. Ms. Beshear joined forces with the Kentucky Cancer Center Program and created Horses & Hope. I was asked to join Ms. Beshear's Horses & Hope Pink Stable committee and have been whole-heartedly involved since the beginning.
May 6 was Kentucky Oaks Day; a day of celebration for survivors of breast cancer and their loved ones at Churchill Downs racetrack here in Louisville. There is a parade of survivors on the racetrack prior to the big race for fillies, led by the National Guard carrying the gorgeous grand Kentucky Oaks trophy. Oh!  what a site it is to behold. As I stood there on the track with my fellow Pink Stable members and Ms. Beshear I was touched and moved to see so many joyous women and men all dressed for the special day with lots of pink celebrating life.
Horses & Hope was created to bring awareness, education and free cancer screenings to those who work in the horse industry that may not have access to health insurance, transportation, services and/or need assistance to be screened. The mobile mammography unit and staff travel to racetracks, horse shows, farms and training centers to facilitate horse industry workers. 
For more information please go to
On my homepage I have created a Brazil photo album with many pictures to share with you as well as inform you about the Mangalarga breed which I hope to bring to the U.S. one day. (See photos on .)

I hope you will follow from newsletter to newsletter insights, observations, questions and solutions to numerous inquiries around horses and the world they live in. The resources, web links, experts, books and articles listed here will give you lots of options to pursue.


The Women & Horses newsletter stands for all horse and pony breeds, as well as donkeys and mules, all disciplines and uses of the horse and wild horses.


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Mary D. Midkiff

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Tip of the Month: Shoulder Season Means Extra Balancing


Springtime is a transition time. From the desolate emptiness of nutrition in winter to the explosion of food and water in spring horses need time and balancing into this new season. Pollen, mold, fungus, sugar and all the bugs and insects that come with their release are in the air and in the food your horses are ingesting.


In the wild, horses are constantly moving and searching for what they need and will not be stuck in one spot to gorge on whatever is available. Our domestic horses are stuck in stalls, paddocks, pastures, fields, dry lots, runs, pens and depend on us to support them through the seasonal changes.


I recommend that you use a pure form of iodine (Iosol) mixed with water to help balance your horse's glands and thyroid function with the grass/grazing increase and all of the irritants that go along with plant growth. Mix 1 drop of Iosol with 1 oz of water and shake. I use a 16 oz. water bottle and put 16 drops in it. Using a large syringe I drench 10-15 ccs per day for my youngsters and 30 ccs for Redge, my older Hanoverian, as he is highly reactive to the spring grass. It is highly effective in balancing your horse's filtering systems.


Also, make sure your horse is on a good probiotic to keep the GI tract smooth and working efficiently while new plant matter is being introduced.

Swift Taylor Rolls Forward
Swift Taylor is Rita's new registered name. Her breeder and our partner canvassed their friends and family and this was the final decision.

She continues to amaze me. I believe she is the most confidant horse I have ever met. She is an old soul in a youngster's body.  She is professional about her training, follows her rider's instructions and is always asking for more. I have never been around a horse so sure of herself and her direction in life.

Rita Portrait

From a scrawny wary-eyed yearling who would not be caught or touched to this magnificent female athlete; Rita is a tribute to what is possible.

April 2011

Rita stands on track
Rita's first day in April going to the training track. She was interested and seems to know what it is all about.
Mary watches Rita on track
Mother Mary watching Rita test out the training track for the first time.
Head on of Rita with Eric
Eric Arantes, her talented and patient rider, rides Rita giving her confidence and balance in what she is learning.

Rita ending jog on track
Rita comes back happy and satisfied after her first racetrack jog.
Heading back to barn
A day forward and another step happily accomplished by all.
Rita Galloping 5-10-11
Rita galloping in the company of an Arabian colt. This photo was taken May 10 and shows how far she has come in such a short period of time. By keeping all of her systems balanced daily she can grow and be challenged safely and comfortably. She loves her work!
Stay tuned for more from Swift Taylor!
Happy Riding!
 Mary D. Midkiff
Mary D. Midkiff
Equestrian Resources, Inc.