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Women & Horses Loves Brazil
Tip of the Month: Natural Chemical Interaction From You
Riding Miss Rita

By Mary D. Midkiff

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All the steps you need to use The InBalance Horse oil blend, mouth massage and acupressure!
5 steps to maximizing preparing, training and enjoying horses. 


"Fly Lite absolutely LOVES your oil blend- in fact, most days, she looks for the oils. It certainly calms her down and relieves her tension (which she has quite often as she is a typical chestnut mare). We used it before we schooled cross country and it made all the

difference between the normal "jiggy, crazy" Fly and the one that WALKED around the course!  M. DeCarlo, Lexington, KY"

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Fitness, Performance & the Female Equestrian

Fitness, Performance and the Female Equestrian
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She Flies Without Wings

She Flies Without Wings
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"The Focused Horse" 26 minute DVD includes demonstrations showing steps on how to apply and use "The InBalance Horse" essential oil blend aromatherapy, massage and acupressure techniques to calm and focus your horse, and English and Western saddle fit specific to the female equestrian.

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The InBalance Horse Essential Oil Blend for Horses
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I'd love to come work with you and your horses and find out what we can create to build your partnerships.
 Galloping horse animation
Women & Horses Loves Brazil
I just returned from an amazing trip and clinic in Brazil. Brazil is tropical and the people exude a soft warm spirit. I met the Mangalarga Paulista and the Mangalarga Marchardo breeds for the first time and was privileged to get to ride many of Brazil's finest representatives.
We had 20 participants in the clinic from age 13 to the "you'll never really know" age of mature women. About half spoke English and I had a wonderful interpreter named Laura Rosseti(she also translated my book "She Flies Without Wings" into Portuguese) who was my voice throughout the presentations and demonstrations.  Horses are handled, groomed, ridden and trained by men in Brazil but women love them and want to be with them. Women are gradually gaining their freedom, independence and control of their lives. I could feel while I was there that women and girls are ready to determine how their lives go. And many of them want to spend it with horses.

Marisa Iorio Correa Da Costa, the owner of Haras Lagoinha, was a very generous host and sponsored the clinic. She has spent many decades gaining respect and power as an owner and breeder of Mangalarga Paulista horses. She explained to me that she has always wanted female grooms, handlers and trainers but they are very hard to find. She says many of the men can be too rough and don't really understand what they are doing. They just copy tradition and use their dominant ways to train the horses to perform and obey.

I believe our clinic was the beginning of something new for horsewomen in Brazil. The pot has now been stirred and I am creating new programming, saddle fit and awareness and teaching them to consider a career with horses. A couple of magazines and websites sent reps to interview me to learn all about what Women & Horses really stands for. I was considered revolutionary!!

This opportunity was thrilling and I plan to go back many times to continue the education necessary to see women gain the lives that they want while the horses benefit. This cultural shift will take time and patience but is so worth it.

On my homepage I have created a Brazil photo album with many pictures to share with you as well as inform you about the Mangalarga breed which I hope to bring to the U.S. one day. (See photos on .)

I hope you will follow from newsletter to newsletter insights, observations, questions and solutions to numerous inquiries around horses and the world they live in. The resources, web links, experts, books and articles listed here will give you lots of options to pursue.


The Women & Horses newsletter stands for all horse and pony breeds, as well as donkeys and mules, all disciplines and uses of the horse and wild horses.


Past newsletters have been archived on the web site for you to check out anytime and I'm always open to receiving your inquires via email.



Mary D. Midkiff

Equestrian Resources 

Tip of the Month:

Natural Chemical Interaction From You


Knowing how to access and shift horses out of nervousness, tension, anxiety and fear comes through chemical interaction.  And I don't mean tranquilizers and muscle relaxants. I mean through acupressure (acupuncture with a veterinarian), aromatherapy, red light therapy, dowsing, myo-fascial release and massage. All of these techniques release chemicals called endorphins (for many of us is like eating chocolate!) which makes them feel euphoric, calm, relaxed and safe.


Once a horse learns that you have this power and you can give them this shift in emotions and feelings they will trust you and your bond will deepen. From this kind of relationship comes confidence and acceptance of education. Ultimately you will see your horse's personality be fully expressed. Your horse will enjoy a newly found freedom through you.

Riding Rita
Real Royal T. "Rita" was two years old in March and now she is on her way into race training. I am not a fan of pushing young horses before they are ready and was prepared (and still am prepared) to take our time in bringing her along as a performance horse.

But Rita is precocious, confident, determined and very sure of what she wants. I found a wonderful rider named Eric Arantes who has soft hands and a big heart. I knew he was the right one when he met Rita and talked to her and stroked her face while we were talking. She accepted him and that gave me the green light. 


Eric is used to having youngsters come to him right out of the field with little handling and no manners so Rita and the foundation I put into her with driving, ground work, daily handling, body work, and games were greatly appreciated. All of you out there who are breeding and raising horses please be aware of how important their early handling and ground work is to setting the foundation for successful training later on.

Ball on top of Rita

Rita accepting a bouncing ball on her back.

 After months of ground work, handling, driving and in-hand training we were ready to move on to the saddle and then the rider.  We started everything in the stall for several days until we knew she was safe and then we progressed to the round pen.  Here are some snapshots of Day One with the rider.

start in round pen
I teach her to follow my motion which establishes safety and trust while I encourage her with my voice.
start in round pen
I stay with her at a safe distance even when she decides to act out.
Start in round pen
My canter strides give her a basis of understanding and rhythm.
start in round pen
All my ground work training gives me the boundaries I need.
start in round pen
Receiving acceptance is the greatest reward for horses.
start in round pen
Acceptance from everyone involved with her is important.
start in round pen
I give Eric a leg up and he lies on her and gives her pats all over.
start in round pen
From lying on her back Eric slowly swings a leg over and sits up. I continue to hold her and talk to her and we begin walking.
start in round pen
As we continue to walk together Eric slowly tightens the girth.
start in round pen
I continue to stay by her side and unhook the lead rope when Eric tells me to turn her loose.
start in round pen
Eric walks both directions as I stay in the middle for support. Eric encourages her and she offers a trot.
start in round pen
After a bit she even offers a canter! I'm a very proud mama!
start in round pen
We walk quietly together back to her stall with satisfaction and pride.

A Day I will never forget!   Stay tuned for next month's newsletter.  Rita has progressed quite a bit and I can't wait to share her accomplishments with you.

Happy Riding!
 Mary D. Midkiff
Mary D. Midkiff
Equestrian Resources, Inc.