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Rita at 23 Months
The Focused Horse Demonstrations at WEG: Day Two

By Mary D. Midkiff

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Happy New Year!
I trust the holidays gave you many gifts of love, compassion, understanding and peace with people and with the natural world. It can be stressful and fast paced or you can create it as you choose to be full of love, life and laughter. You always have choices, every day, in everthing you do and every interaction you have. Your horses would prefer that you choose a way of being that will include them in your heart.

I hope you will follow from newsletter to newsletter insights, observations, question and solutions to numerous inquiries around horses and the world they live in. The resources, web links, experts, books and articles listed here will give you lots of options to pursue.

The Women & Horses newsletter stands for all horse and pony breeds, as well as donkeys and mules, all disciplines and uses of the horse and wild horses. Past newsletters have been archived on the web site for you to check out anytime and I'm always open to receiving your inquires via email.

Mary D. Midkiff
Equestrian Resources
Tip of the Month: Check for Erupting and Changing Teeth


A month ago I noticed a ping pong ball sized growth on the left hyoid (lower jaw) bone of Zip, one of the yearlings I am managing.  It had literally shown up overnight. It was warm but hard and slightly tender. The filly didn't seem too bothered by it until I tried to catch her noticing the noseband of the halter would rub on that spot. 


She became irritable, normally being very calm and quiet, tried kicking out a few times and would throw her head without warning.


I watched it for 10 days and there was no change. I put hot moist compresses on it, rubbed in Arnica daily and rinsed her mouth out with hydrogen peroxide daily. Still no change so I called in my vet who is also an internationally recognized equine dentist.


He said it was an erupting permanent tooth pushing up

against her baby cap but strangely only occuring on one side.  Usually, apparently, they erupt on both sides simultaneously. He wants me to watch it and report back on any changes between now and the end of January. We may have to X-ray.


To date it is slightly less round and now longer and flatter, cold, hard and her temperament has gone back to normal. Nothing yet on the other side.


My vet and I talked about how often teeth and mouth issues are overlooked when behavior problems begin. Especially putting halters, bits, bridles, nosebands on young horses who are sprouting sensitive permanent teeth. Please be aware of how delicate and important the teeth and mouth region is to the horse's mental, emotional and physical health.


I will keep you updated on how Zip's mouth develops.

Rita at 23 months
Rita 010411
Rita after our ground work session

Rita has progressed in leaps and bounds through December. She learns everything I teach her the first time and stores it away in her memory banks for the next session. She seems to be a seasoned professional in a 2 year old body. 


I continue daily since July detoxing, giving her "The InBalance Oil" around her nostrils and mouth, feeding her 100% organically, grooming and doing body work and stretching as she needs it.


She has been walking and trotting over poles, taking one foot, one step at a time through poles, forward and backward, spiraling toward and away from me as I stay stationary on circles around me, going in and out of gates, her stall, wash stalls and just about anywhere I ask her to go without me moving, and enjoying long walks around the farm together even on windy, cold days.


Rita expresses herself by rearing occasionally and we are working on controlling that impulse. She will learn as we do more and more athletic work with her that she can channel her energy in other ways and rearing is not acceptable.


She is just incredibly intelligent and ready to move on to the next thing. Rita gets bored easily, (as many of us girls do!), so I have added a saddle pad and curcingle, and more recently a bridle and snaffle bit without reins, to our routines without any fuss from her. She will just be carrying the bit with no contact during our ground work sessions for awhile. This will add a bit of interest in our work together.


Rita talks to me all the time. When she sees me or my car, I get a whinny, when I bring her food, water, or just when I walk toward her she verbalizes her hello. 


I am so proud of her transformation from wild and incorrigable to willing and able student.


Background: Rita (as I am calling her now until she gets her official name) is a March 2009 Thoroughbred filly who came to me to be prepared, trained and managed toward a performance career. My husband and I now own 40% of her. She is by Andromeda's Hero (by Fusaichi Pegasus) out of Blondz Away (by Skip Away). She is bred to race.

Rita's owners were told by her breeding farm's managers that as a foal and yearling she was "different". She was said to be wary of people, standoffish, suspicious, spooky, very hard to catch even in the stall and when confined, out and out crazy with panic. She was not going to work with any type of "traditional" approach to training her. She came to me on July 31, 2010. This column is news about her journey.

The Focused Horse Demonstrations at World Equestrian Games: Day Two

Day Two I decided to focus on Fly Lite, the 10 year old Thoroughbred rescue mare.


The Maker's Mark Secretariat Thoroughbred Retirement Center,  based at the Kentucky Horse Park, provided me with two lovely Thoroughbred horses for my daily demonstrations. Suzanna Thomas, the center director, and her assistant Melissa De Carlo (also the adopter and owner of the mare) organized and managed the horses in order for them to be a part of WEG and my presentations.


Now it was Ferdy's turn to stand back watch and trust that his mare was secure and he could relax his protective instincts.
Fly Lite 1
Fly Lite Meets Me and the Audience
Fly Lite 2
Clean out her nose with damp cloth first
Fly Lite 3
Rub InBalance oil blend into your hands then into the horse's nostrils
Fly Lite 4
No matter how resistive you must keep massaging the nostrils and the corners of the mouth
Fly Lite 5
Let the horse process inbetween each endorphin release in the nostrils then begin mouth massage techniques
Fly Lite 6
Include energy tapping on the forehead if the horse needs more internal focus
Fly Lite 7
Now she is getting a good endorphin release, relaxed, focused and ready to accept Melissa's guidance

Again this was all accomplished in 30 minutes in front of a large audience in a strange environment. Imagine what Melissa and Fly Lite will now be able to accomplish daily at home. Work with the horse's natural chemistry, shift the emotions, allow the horse to see what is possible with you and they will trust you heart and soul when it really matters.


Suzanna will work with Ferdy daily and the two inseparable horses will be able to work together or apart looking to the human for safety and leadership. 


I hope all of you will let go of your agendas, empty your mind and begin to work with your horses naturally, holistically and consider their individual and collective world view in your training and handling processes.  


I love hearing from you and your horses. Let me know what's on your mind as we share these cold months with our horses.

Many thanks to Beth Horrigan for taking these great photos.
Happy Riding!
 Mary D. Midkiff
Mary D. Midkiff
Equestrian Resources, Inc.