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Volume 1 Issue 1                                                                                                                                               August  2010
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Welcome from Executive Director Tracy Robinson
Chairman Calls for National Commission on Fatherhood
OCF Legislation: House Bill 349
Fatherhood Around the State
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Welcome from Executive Director Tracy Robinson

Director Tracy Robinson
Director Tacy Robinson

Welcome to the first edition of the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood e-newsletter.  The OCF e-newsletter will keep the community informed about OCF four objectives: funding programs, engaging the community, trainings and policy recommendations.  This framework allows the Commission to strategically promote and strengthen fatherhood in goverment, families and the community. 

I hope you enjoy our first e-newsletter.   Please check our website  at www.fatherhood.ohio.gov for information about what's happening around the state to strengthen fatherhood.
J. Tracy Robinson
Executive Director
Ohio Commission on Fatherhood
Chairman Calls for National Commission on Fatherhood

Chairman Peter Lawson Jones
Chairman Jones

Dear Friend of Fathers and Families:
The time has come for our federal government to establish a National Fatherhood Commission.
As the ten states with official fatherhood programs and the hundreds of public agencies and non-profit neighborhood-based organizations with similar initiatives have correctly concluded:  we cannot seriously address the wide spectrum of social pathologies that we daily confront without strengthening families, and we, most assuredly, cannot bolster families without better engaging fathers in raising and nurturing their children.  Unfortunately, with the frightening explosion over the past several decades in the number of failed marriages and out-of-wedlock births, that task has become increasingly more challenging. More>>
OCF Legislation: HB 349
Ohio is one of the only states in the nation with a statewide fatherhood commission. In 1999, our current Chairman Peter Lawson Jones had the foresight to write a law creating the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood. One of the great strengths of the law is that Commissioners come from all three branches of government so everyone has a voice at the table. Strengthening fatherhood in Ohio requires everyone's involvement. More>>
Fatherhood Around the State  

Fatherhood Regions
Fatherhood Regions
The Ohio Commission on Fatherhood awards grants to exemplary fatherhood programs throughout the state of Ohio each biennium. One of four core objectives of the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood is to Fund Fatherhood Programs. The Ohio Commission on Fatherhood recently completed another round of fatherhood grants for 2010-2011. The Commission awarded grants to nine fatherhood programs located through out the state of Ohio in the amount of $1.5 million. More>>