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                  December 2009

As the holiday season approaches and the year comes to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my warmest wishes for a joyous holiday and a happy and healthy new year to you and your family.
Let us all take a moment to reflect upon and be grateful for all of the wonderful things in each of our lives.
I look forward to treating all of your oral health care needs with the same level of dedication and compassion as always this coming year.
Professionally Yours,  
Robert D. Lipschutz, D.M.D.
Great Holiday Gift for You and Your Loved Ones.    
Save Up To $60 !  - Sonicare FlexCare RS930 with  Sanitizer
 SoniCare Pic
Powered by a patented sonic technology, Sonicare uses dynamic cleaning action to remove plaque between the teeth and along the gumline. Sonicare gives you naturally whiter teeth and healthier gums.
FlexCare is the most effective toothbrush in the SoniCare family with improved plaque removal and advanced features.
☆ Package includes:
1 Sonicare toothbrush
1 ProResults standard brush head
1 ProResults compact brush head
1 UV sanitizer with integrated charger, cord wrap and brush head storage
1 travel charger
2 Hygienic travel caps
1 Luxury soft travel case
3 Additional color code rings

The suggested retail price of this product is $179.99.
However, as a token of your loyalty, Dr.Lipschutz's office is offering this great product for ONLY $119.99 (taxes included) !!
*Limited supplies only. Discount offer is valid until December 31, 2009.
Call or E-mail Dr.Lipschutz's office today to reserve your package!
(*On and after January 1, 2010, our price will be $139,99.)
A Friendly Reminder...
If you still have insurance benefits remaining for 2009, remember that they will expire on December 31st !
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Please note that our office will be closed on the following days:
December 4, 2009 (Fri)
December 5, 2009 (Sat)
December 8, 2009 (Tue) 
December 25, 2009 (Fri)
January 1, 2010 (Fri)
January 2, 2010 (Sat)