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September 2010
Vitamin D and Asthma
During the last six months we have initiated three communications on the role of Vitamin D and asthma. This month the The American College of Allergy and Immunology published a paper alerting asthmatics to the potential benefits of Vitamin D.
In the September issue of the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, the authors conducted a review of almost 60 years of literature on Vitamin D and asthma.
According to the article, Vitamin D deficiency is associated with increased airway hyperresponsiveness, lower lung functions, and inferior asthma control. Vitamin D deficiency is more common with obesity, in African American ethnicity and westernization of countries reflecting a higher-risk population for asthma. The authors recommend that long-term interventional trials be conducted in asthma patients.

"Vitamin D can complement your prescribed asthma treatment plan as it has been shown to have some anti-inflammatory properties, but should never be used as an alternative to prescribed medication," said allergist Thomas Casale, MD, co-author and ACAAI Fellow.
 "There is a possible cause-and-effect relationship between Vitamin D deficiency and uncontrolled asthma," said allergist Manbir Sandhu, MD, lead author and ACAAI member. "Evidence suggests that Vitamin D has a number of biologic factors that are important in regulating key mechanisms in asthma."
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Clearly anyone with asthma should ensure that their Vitamin D levels are optimal. There is no known risk to maintaining Vitamin D at optimal levels.
We know that due to present lifestyles Vitamin D insufficiency is almost universal, asthma is becoming more common and tragically, children are lost to this condition every day. It is now clear that Vitamin D deficiency plays a role in asthma. Could it be that that asthma is simply a Vitamin D deficiency disease?  Only time will tell. In the meantime, it would be prudent to make sure you are not deficient!
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