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The WDT European Tour 2012

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Sunday 23rd September


T minus zero

It's that time!  



Beer Pump
Dutch Beer Pump


The time for practice is's time to pack your kit and start the  European Tour 2012! 


This year participants from six countries will be visiting Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium

As usual, to wet the appetite, we've prepared a special taster issue of GTG Downtime which we hope will provide inspiration and motivation to all the team!

As well as visiting some favourite old haunts (if they'll allow us in) we'll be investigating places new: see the itinerary below

Time to stop talking and time to go!




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Featured Beer
Rochefort 10

 Divine Inspiration
Rochefort 10
I can hear Angels!
Vital Statistics


Creator:                           L'abbaye Notre-Dame de St Remy à Rochefort
Style:                               Rich, dark bottle-conditioned Trappist beer

Strength:                          Could part the Red Sea


AI Value:*                       12


Killer App:                      Summons Angels    


Medicinal Qualities:       1 bottle you feel awesome; 2- even better; 3- what problem? 


Tasting notes:                  The notes say 'have another'
Grey Scale Rating:**       Platinum 

Wt Relativity Index:***   10



* AI, or Alcoholic Index is a key parameter in the temporal equation defining  (perceived) Drink Time. Ref. Alcohol Induced Time Dilation Effect, 'Quantum Qorner'  

** The official GTG product review rating scale:
For an explanation of our reviewing and ratings systems see: Downtime Review Guide
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Vital Statistics
WDT European Tour 2012 Itinerary
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WDT European Tour 2012
- it's an International Affair! 




What we'll be up to:  




The Advance Guard are flying directly from the USA to Munich to enjoy a couple of days at the Oktoberfest including a visit to Schneider Weisse Brauhaus to sample the hefeweizens  




The English group heading from London, via lunch in Brussels, will rendezvous with the US and German contingents in Cologne to sample some Koelsch at Fruh am Dom perhaps before heading to Dusseldorf, home of the great, but almost forgotten, German style of ale ... Altbier (at Schlüssel and Uerige perhaps)  




A mass convergence will see the original groups joined by parties from Wales, Norway and the Netherlands for three days and nights in Amsterdam


We'll be enjoying an afternoon at Brouwerij t'IJ, where you never know what will happen (that's another story, yet to be published..)and visiting some of the city's brilliant bars including In De Wildeman and Cafe Belgique    


On Friday or Saturday there will be an afternoon excursion to Borefts Beer Festival taking place in Bodegraven.  Taking place on the premises of Brouwerij Molen, this has to be the premier festival for the new wave of European breweries.  Molen and Emelisse from Holland.  Thornbridge and the Kernel from the UK.  Haand from Norway.  Evil Twin and Mikkeller from Denmark.  Ducato from Italy.  De Struisse (Oerbier) from Belgium.  There are others as well.  Those are just some serious highlights.  From past year reports, this has been an excellent, not overcrowded festival




When in the neighbourhood it would be impolite not to go a pay homage at the source of our favourite reference beer: Westmalle Tripel. And we will. Several times. Maybe more


In the evening, if there is any left, we will head to Antwerp to explore its hostelries although sadly the Kulminator is closed on Sundays :-( 




On Monday we depart Antwerp for a visit to Duvel Moortgat, and no doubt imbibe a Duvel or Maredsous 10 or two...


After, we will head to Brussels for a final night visiting old haunts - the Ibis Bar,  Delirium, Mort Subite, the Black Door perhaps, with some essential recharging of our batteries at the Pita Greek - and maybe somewhere new? But so many little time!


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Compelling Montage  


Just some of the things we expect to be enjoying over the next 9 days...


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