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Annual Review 2009
Tu BiShvat is coming
10th World Wide Wrap
A green step forward by KKL
Chanukah fest in Budapest
Kibbutz Hannaton in the news
Masorti summer camp in Argentina
36th World Zionist Congress
Annual Review cover
Don't forget you can read our recently published Annual Review of 2009 online, and see interesting stories from our Masorti kehillot around the world and a review of events throughout the year. Click here to read it.
Tu BiShvat - Jan 30th
Shabbat, January 29th and 30th is Tu BiShvat. Have a look at the MERCAZ Olami Environment resource CD (available online here) for Tu Bishvat information and program ideas, including prayers, readings and other resources. Visit the USCJ's page on Tu Bishvat here for more ideas and resources.
World Wide Wrap : February 7th
Sunday, February 7th is the 10th World Wide Wrap - a campaign by the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs to promote the mitzvah of tefillin. This year the Wrap will raise funds to bring mezuzzot and tefillin to Masorti kehillot in South America. Go to for more information or to register.

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January 2010  |  Shvat 5770
KKL mKKL's green footprintakes a green step forward
In an effort to seriously reduce its own environmental footprint, Keren Kayemeth Le'Yisrael (KKL) recently formed an Environmental Management Committee, and elected MERCAZ Olami representative, Dr Orr Karassin as its chairwoman. The new committee is charged with the responsibility of formulating a strategic plan that will enable KKL to become the best environmentally managed organization in Israel. Read an interview with Dr Karassin here.
MAROM Budapest Chanukah festChanukah fest in Budapest
MAROM Budapest organized a full 8 day Chanukah festival this year in the 6th and 7th districts of Pest which historically make up the Jewish Quarter. The Quarter6Quarter7 festival included a schedule of over 130 different discussions, theatre performances, music concerts, movies, children's programs and cookery activities. These all took place in a network of 32 restaurants, synagogues, clubs, museums and community space throughout the old Jewish Quarter. The festival was a great success attracting enormous publicity with more than 2,000 attending the different programs. Read an article from the New York Times about the festival here.
Masorti Kibbutz Hannaton in the newKibbutz Hannatons
A number of different articles about Kibbutz Hannaton have been published recently. JTA's Ben Harris, visited Hannaton and wrote a series of entries in his Wandering Jew blog about the vision, achievements and challenges ahead for this Masorti kibbutz in the midst of revitalization - click here to read them. In the Jerusalem Post, Hannaton resident, Rabbi Haviva Ner-David wrote about her 'Life after Madoff' and how moving to the kibbutz has changed her life so much over the past year - click here to read the article. For a range of press articles about Hannaton click here.
Summer camp in Argentina
Massive Masorti summer in Argentina
Activities for young people in the Masorti kehillot in Argentina culminated in NOAM summer camps held at the end of December and beginning of January. More than 2,000 young people attended 13 different camps with more than 350 madrichim (counselors) running educational, religious and social programs. Summer camp provides a unique opportunity in the year for young Jews in Argentina to immerse themselves in a fully Masorti environment for 7 or 8 days. All of the camps were very successful, and participants are already looking forward to next year.
World Zionist Congress
36th World Zionist Congress
Jerusalem will once again host the World Zionist Congress in June of this year. From Sunday June 13th to Thursday, June 17th Masorti and MERCAZ delegates from around the world will come together for an intense dialogue and debate with their counterparts from across the Zionist spectrum. If you were a delegate or alternate delegate in previous years, please mark these on your calendar straight away, and we'll be in touch soon with more information. Don't forget that taking part in the World Zionist Congress ensures the stability and funding for all kinds of Masorti activities around the world. Contact Marcus Frieze in our Jerusalem office if you want to know more.
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