Bialik Shlichim 2009
The Center for Spiritual
and Masorti Judaism
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December 2009
Updates from our Israel programs:

MAROM-Chazit Hanoar's Shnat Hachshara
Shnat Hachshara 2009
Pricila Cukierman summarizes her year with Shnat Hachshara, MAROM and Chazit Hanoar's gap year program in Israel...
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Pictured - The Shnat Hachshara participants at the Israel Museum.
Drachim - Noam UK's gap year in Israel
Drachim participants and staff The group took a trip to Sderot and saw a different city than the one they had imagined...

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Pictured - Drachim participants and staff on their trip to the Negev.
New MAROM Olami Israel program
Drachim participants and staff The Lech Lecha program brings together young adults from AMLAT to an Israel program that has it all according to the individual's needs!

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Pictured - Lech Lecha participants from last year's South American group at the Tel Aviv boardwalk.
Updates from around the world:

Bialik Shlichim 2009 Nicolás Formager writes about the MAROM AMLAT (Latin America) intense 3-day seminar in Chilé, that worked on bringing Jewish content to young adults across AMLAT...

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Pictured - The participants of last month's MAROM AMLAT seminar in Chilé.
Bialik Shlichim 2009
GOOD LUCK to our new Shlichim to Melbourne! Leetal Vaknin, Neva Karni and Ori Yavor. A huge THANK YOU goes to our returning Shlichim -  Reut Aisenberg, Nir Issachar and Naomi Rowen, after a year of great work. Watch some of the 2009 Shlichim's activities at Bialik College here.

Pictured - Reut, Nir and Naomi - Masorti-MAROM's 2009 Shlichim to Bialik College.
MAROM Europe conference MAROM Europe representatives met in Paris, joined efforts and created new ties...

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Pictured - Some of the participants in MAROM Europe's meeting in Paris.
Bialik Shlichim 2009
MAROM Budapest's Channukah festival, "Quarter6Quarter7", moved to the streets of the Jewish quarter, with activities taking place in 30 different venues...

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This event was featured in the New York Times! Read the full article here.

Pictured - Siraly, MAROM Budapest's center, is one of the festival's venues.
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Updates from our Israel programs
Updates from around the world
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Bialik Shlichim 2009
MAROM Olami and MAROM Israel participants meet in a pub with Rabbi Michael Melchior - an Orthodox rabbi, former Knesset Minister and head of the Meimad-Green Party that ran in the 2009 elections...
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Pictured - Rabbi Michael Melchior with the MAROM participants.

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