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April 2010
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Arizona Desert in Spring

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Preparing for the Arizona Summer
It may seem far off, but the hot weather is coming! Whether you get out of town, send kids off to camp or just stay at home there are a number of things you should consider preparing for those long hot summer days, and nights. Here is a list to get you going, with some small hints or sites to visit as for additional resources.
Remember the old addage, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." ~ Ben Franklin
  1.  Air Conditioning - a must to assure you are not without it when you need it the most. A simple check from your licensed, insured and bonded Heating and Cooling company. 
  2. Pool safety - It is important to check the functionaility and chemicals of your pool as well as securing it from little visitors.  Check pop up heads, water leveler and gate locks.
  3. Your Garden - Weather you are an avid gardner or not, that green thumb may turn brown when long extended hot summer days are upon us.  Adjust your irrigation system to provide more water early in the morning when the sun won't evaporate it as much. See Dave the Garden Guy for some very important tips to keep your landscape healthy.
  4. The Trees - Leaning, cracked or dry trees pose a hazard to your home and property.  When the monsoon hits, and winds and water increase in the desert the time is ripe for trees to cause havock, and damage.  Check the trees around your home for the obvious, and look at this article for the not so obvious. 
  5. Summer Camps - Now is the time to start getting in your reservations to make sure your kids have a spot in their summer programs.  Don't forget to mix it up for them if you are not already committed to one.  Some ideas would be the Boys and Girls Clubs, the YMCA, The Phoenix Zoo, both the Diamondbacks and Phoenix Suns, your cities recreation centers, and many more.  For more listings visit the kids camps listings.
  6. Snowbirds Leaving for the Summer - If you have not already left this check list provides some really helpful tips that I've never heard before .  Would you have thought to put some vegetable oil in your disposal or dishwasher to keep parts from drying out? If not you should reference this article on Scribd before you go. 
  7. Your Roof - Did you think we would forget about your roof? Of course not!  Before the rains come it is very important to check the integrity of your roof.  You can ward off potential problems before they occur.  Roof issues are not always so obvious to the naked eye.  Refer to the February 2010  E-Den for tips on roof maintenance, or visit the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) for the Roof Check Up Guide
If you don't have someone to help you with your home projects you can visit the Rosie on the House, or ToFixIt! websites for the best and most referred contractors valleywide.  Remember, all preferred vendors of both networks are chosen based on quality workmanship, customer service and reputation. 
Spring Cleaning RoofTune-Up Special
Did you know you can prevent roof problems (leaks) and that your manufacturer's warranty can be void due to lack of or improper maintenance? Lyons Roofing offers a Roof Tune-Up which includes cleaining your roof and inspecting 14 items such as;
  • General Roof Condition
  • Condition of Materials
  • Drainage
  • Check of AC/Cooloer/Solar/Fireplace and skylights.
  • Sealing pipes and penetrations.
Your roof tune-up is based on the size and type of roof, and starts at just $250. Call today at 602.276.5515 or visit us at lyonsroofing.com.
Pet Lover Makes Channel 5 Pay it Forward!
As I was contemplating the Pet's Den section of this month's newsletter I did not have a story so I scoured the web.  As luck would have it I found not 1 but 2 stories on the KPHO TV-5 website, both Pay It Forward Recipients.  I choose these stories first because we can all use a feel good story, and second because everyone involved in these stories should be honored and commended for their dedication to pet welfare.
A local Mesa pet owner, Athena Fitch whose Llapso Apso, Diamond had a ruptured ulcer in her eye.  The surgery would cost $1500 and was cost prohibitive.  The Banfield manager remembered Connie Parrish had once told her if anyone needed help paying their vet bill to call.  She did and Diamond's surgery was done.   Story here.
Tina Wade brought her little chihuahua named Hugo to the spay and nueter mobil clinic where Dr. Rich Fisher of Prescott donates his time.  He found out Hugo had hemophilia.  That night Tina found Hugo lying in a pool of blood.  She brought him to the clinic where they said without the necessary surgery Hugo would die.  Dr. Fisher heard of this and stepped in and donated the entire surgery to save Hugo. Story here. 
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Banfield Veterinary Clinic, Connie, Athena, Tina and Dr. Fisher, and a big GET WELL to Diamond and Hugo.
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* Coffee beans aren't beans; they are fruit pits.
* The youngest Pope was 11 years old.
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Weather in Review 
March 2010 
Valley Precipitation 1.09"
(Normal 1.07") 
(30th Wettest)
Average High 73.6 (Normal 76.1)
(41st Coolest)  
Average Low 51.9 
(Normal 53.0)
(28th Warmest)  
1) .52" rain March 21st
2)  58° record low March 8th


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