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February 2010
    Rain on Metal Roof Drips off Roof Rain off Shingles
Because we love the rain so much. . .
 we are going to leave these photos up another month to enjoy!

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Preventative Maintenance
Why would my roof need preventative maintenance?
Most of us know we need oil changes in our cars, or an AC/Evap check up before the season, but few are aware of preventative maintenance for your roof.  Two of the biggest reasons for preventative maintenance are to prevent major damage from happening, and keeping your manufacturers warranty in tact.
Manufacturers Warranties
Many if not most manufacturers warranties cover 'manufacturers defects'.  This applies to inherent 'defects' in the materials only.  Exclusions, or limitations of warranties (outside of normal wear and tear or poor workmanship installation) will include items such as;
  • Foot damage.
  • Installation or maintenance of equipment or other structures on the roof.
  • Fallen objects including solid or liquid, chemical or biological, etc.
  • Inadequate ventilation.
  • Lack of positive draining.
    This list is not inclusive but covers some of the major areas of concern. 
Do you have an AC or Evap on the roof?  Does your ventillation equal 1 sq. ft. per 300 sq. ft. of attic space? How about pesky pigeons, roof rats, pine tree needles accumulating?  Are your gutters plugged from those pine needles, how about the neighbor kids soft ball? 
     Yes Nod Smiley 
     If you are nodding yes,
    even reluctantly,
    you need roof maintance.  
Lyons Roofing, along with the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) suggest the following to be checked twice per year, (fall and spring):
  • Inspect your ladder first for safety
  • Loose, cracked or peeling material or wear around all chimney's, pipes and penetrations.
  • Soft spots as you walk on the roof.
  • Interior walls and ceilings for possible damage.
  • Build up of any debris (leaves and animal droppings particularly)
  • Check shingles for buckling, curling or blistering or excessive shingle granules.
  • Loose, displaced or broken tiles.
  • Ponding of water o flat roofs that lasts more than 48 hours (ROC requirement)
  • Clear clogged gutters.
NOTE:  It is not recommended you freely walk on any tile roof, especially if wet. (Check the NRCA Roof Check Up Guide): 
You can certainly do your roof check-up if you are handy, and not afraid of heights, however if you prefer a licensed contractor, you can call us at 602.276.5515 to discuss our roof tune-up and maintenance services.
Lyons Roofing Tune-Up Specials
Lyons Roofing offers a Roof Tune-Up which includes cleaining your roof and inspecting 14 items such as;
  • General Roof Condition
  • Condition of Materials
  • Drainage
  • Check of AC/Cooloer/Solar/Fireplace and skylights.
Your roof tune-up is based on the size and type of roof and starts at just $250.
Last month our newsletter discussed the do's and dont's of hiring a roofing contractor.  These are extremely important and you can revisit this in the archives at The Den Archives.
We Love Our Pets!
Man and His DogWe LOVE our pets and take care of them so well.  Many of us treat them like our children (yes I'm guilty).  And although we try our darndest to be responsible pet owners some will get lost or hurt. 
This month we honor the Arizona Animal Welfare League and their fundraising efforts. AAWL is theoldest and largest no-kill shelter. 
Join us in supporting this incredible effort by fostering, volunteering or donating to AAWL.

Bet Banner Red

We also would like to recognize Me4Kidz, a local company, and their efforts to Medi Pet Bagkeep our pets, and children healthy and safe. Me4Kidz offers a Medibag 4 Pets with over 50 items, for those who have 4 legged children that need 1st aid.  This is a great gift to give to a new pet owner, or for yourself and your new 4 legged child! 

Share your pet stories with us so we can share it with our readers. 
 E-mail the Den Pet Stories.
Why Choose Lyons Roofing? 
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Because YOU want a roofing company who is recognized by Preferred Vendors.  Both Rosie On The House and The ToFixIt! stand behind Lyons Roofing.
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Because YOU want a roofing company who is recognized by the BBB as an Ethics Award Winner and Angies List Super Service Award Winner in 2009.
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Because YOU want a company who is engaged in the industry on multiple levels.
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Preventative Maintenance
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We Love Our Pets
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Weather in Review
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Fun, Silly Facts and Trivia
English can be Funny
Stewardess is the longest word typed with your left hand.  Lollipop is the longest with your right!
The only english word to end with the letters mt are dreamt!
'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' uses every letter of the alphabet! 
 Racecar, kayak and level are palindromes.  They are the same word spelled forward or backwards!
Abstemious and facetious are the only two words that have all 5 vowels in order!  (We'll let you look them up!)
 Thanks to Tracy at ToFixIt! for this month's fun facts.
Quote of the Month
" 'I am' is reportedly the shortest sentence in the English language. Could it be that 'I do' is the longest sentence?"
~George Carlin~
 ┬┐New Riddle?
What is the longest known word in the English language?
Hints: It has 45 letters, starts with a P, is a medical term, and it is in the Webster's Random House Dictionary!
Look in next month's E-Den for the answer. 
How did Sam not get a single hair wet out in the rain with no umbrella?
He was bald!
Weather in Review 
January 2010 
Valley Precipitation 2.43"
(Normal .83") 
(4th Wettest)
Average High 67.7 (Normal 67.3)
(28th Warmest)  
Average Low 47.1 
(Normal 44.8)
(8th Warmest)  

Don't Take Our Word. . .

"Excellent job & the final inspection topped it off." November '09
 ~Bruce from Apache Junction
"Excellent job, prompt service, kept me informed."
January '10
~Edward from Scottsdale
"Very satisfied - clean up was good - never knew you were here." January '10
~Lois from Scottsdale
Thank you for the confidence you placed in us and your time to let us know.


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